3 reasons to drink fresh juice and a must have immune boosting remedy

I’m talking about the war between bottled juice and fresh juice. So what’s the difference? They’re both made from fruit and vegetables, right? Yes that’s right they do originally start out the same. But bottled juice has been heated and pasteurized! It’s also combined with junk like preservatives, colourings, sugars and refined sugars. By the time the bottle reaches you in your local supermercado it’s been poked and prodded that many times its not even a shadow of its former healthy vibrant self. Leaving most bottled juices to contain as much sugar as soft drink.


Fresh juice on the other hand is full of live enzymes, vitamins and minerals. And lets not forget so easy to make! If you have a juicer, great. But it’s not the only way to get your fix. I use my blender and a nut milk bag to strain the pulp – you can also use a piece of cheesecloth or even your old stockings (do I need to remind you to wash them first?). You can even do things the old fashioned way with a manual juicer. There are arguments for and against the fresh juice train, including the fact that removing the pulp essentially takes away the fibre, making it a sugar loaded bomb. In a way this is true, but the benefits of juicing far out way this claim. Everything in moderation right. So here we go… 3 reasons to drink fresh juice

  1. It’s a choose your own adventure!
    Craving oranges? Make orange juice.
    Feeling like the flu is on your doorstep? Add some Ginger.
    YOU are in the drivers seat and can give your body what it needs
  2. Digestive health
    Everything you put in your body has to be processed by the digestive system. This isn’t a bad thing, but add in refined sugars, processed foods, pesticides and alcohol and its a tough job. As juicing removes the pulp, it gives out digestive system the break it deserves.
  3. Absorb up to 80% more nutrients.
    Because the fibre is removed, you can drink more of the good stuff. While you can drink a large juice, thats made from 5 carrots quite easily. To eat 5 carrots takes a lot more time, effort and it’s quite a mission. Treating your body with a juice, delivers amazing nutrients the body needs to thrive.

What’s your sure fire way to boost your immune system during winter? Do you have your own killer juice combo? Share with the LLL society by leaving comment below.




Immune boosting, cold kicking Grapefruit and Orange juice


  • 1 grapefruit
  • 2 oranges
  • Handful of parsley
  • 2 tablespoons water


  1. Cut up your orange and grapefruit into quarters and peel the skin off
  2. Throw the quarters into the blender, along with the parsley and water
  3. Turn blender on the lowest speed to start, then gradually increase power to create your juice
  4. Line your glass with your cheesecloth/stocking/nut milk bag and pour the juice into glass.
  5. Squeeze liquid out of bag into glass. Enjoy in the morning for a vitamin c kick or in the afternoon as a snack.



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