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9 Ways to a Healthier You

9 ways to a healthier you

We’re all looking for shortcuts in life and getting to our version of ‘good health’ is definitely top of mind for the fair majority of us these days. 

Here are Lunch Lady Lou’s tips for ‘9 Ways to be Healthier’

1. Buy vegetables you like and want to eat

This is funny, you’re probably thinking wellllll YAH of course. But how many people bought kale when they didn’t even like it (ps: i love kale, have you tried kale chips?)

2. Endeavour to eat 5 cups of veggies everyday….

… and watch what happens.

Most of us have NO IDEA how good we’re designed to feel. We walk around tired, bloated, cramped and think this is normal.

If adding 5 cups of veggies per day is huge for you, you don’t need to transform over night. Just add in bit by bit, even an extra 1/4 cup of veggies at each meal is an extra 3/4’s of a cup per day. 

3. Eat your breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is proven to reduce cravings later in the day. Start right, you can simply boil up a large batch of eggs and put them in snap lock bags ready to go. All you need to do is grab and go. Or use your meal prep skills to make some beautiful creamy bircher muesli.

4. Don’t eliminate, just crowd out

This means, if you’re trying to quit a certain habit, eg: coffee. Add in extra cups of tea (green, black, herbal) or water to your day. This will help fill you up before you hit ‘coffee time’ or just satisfy you perfectly that you won’t feel like that cuppa!

5. Cook more

Cooking for yourself is the #1 way to be and feel healthier. You’re in control and you are in charge of what ingredients you add and how much.

At the end of the meal, you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something (which is always a good thing) and this will encourage you to cook again.

6. If you’re eating out – look for reputable makers

You know, the people that care about what you eat. That cook with love. Don’t be afraid to ask what ingredients are going into your food and if you don’t understand them or the person serving you doesn’t know, the alarm bells should be going off. 

7. Be a good person. 

Be nice. Be gentle. Be kind to others. Be compassionate. Be considerate. Be present. 

All these things make for a healthier and happier you. You’ll feel the happiness effects for longer, much longer than that new pair of shoes. 

8. Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry

We all know this leads to impromptu packets of pre-made falafels…. or chocolate.

9. Invest in yourself, your knowledge and learn to cook!

Find a cooking class that suits your needs and what you’d to learn. Read blogs, ask your friends (friends always know a lot), ask your grandma what she ate as a child. 

“the day we stop learning is the day we die”



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