Cooking 101: A guide to seasonal eating

Eating with the seasons means: The farmer picks a peach from a tree in January. You eat peaches in January.
It is: fresher, tastier, cheaper and better for you.

It’s the same with cherries - in Australia, cherries = Christmas. That’s when they’re in abundance. They’re beautiful, juicy, delicious and paired perfectly with a scorching hot day at the beach. Most of us would never think to buy cherries in June. Yet we don’t carry this thought process forward to apples, oranges etc.

As a side note - I know a lot of people talk about grocers or famers markets as being expensive. After 6 years of watching the price of every ingredient I'm interested in, I've noticed... the supermarkets really aren’t that much cheaper, quite possibly more expensive. Bombshell.

While I know that you beautiful people are scattered around Australia and the world. I can't possibly provide a guide for each place - so this one falls on you.

  • Observe your farmers market, see what the farmers are selling. You can go buy it elsewhere if that's what you feel comfortable doing.

  • Watch the prices and use your gut instincts. If the cauliflower is $9 - it’s definitely NOT in season.

  • Seasonal options are always the cheapest - unless of course, they are weather affected, which is just a part of nature.