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Here’s a Quick Way to Cook

Here’s a quick way to cook.

Chop smaller. Cook faster. It’s a quick way to cook.

a quick way to cookMy parents are in town this week and over the night time dinner prep, mum was chopping, I was getting ready to stir-fry. Oh I do love a stir-fry. The perfect example of a ‘throw whatever is in the fridge in a pan with onion, garlic, ginger and tamari”. Magic happens because garlic and ginger are legends.

She passed me over this array of veggies, but all random different sizes. The carrots were small. There were onions in smaller chunks. But the broccoli was huge at least double the size of the others. I was tired and while the broccoli would have looked good that size, it was going to throw off the cooking time.

It was 7pm and after a long day, I wanted to have had dinner 2 hours ago and be ready for bed already. But alas I’m shlepping it over a stove after a long weekend. Okay, okay. Slightly very dramatic. But long days, tired Lunch Lady Lou and cooking don’t mesh that well together. I KNOW you’re hearing me on this one. Adding 10 minutes to the cooking time just wasn’t cutting the mustard that night.

Then it dawned on me.

What if I just chop the broccoli smaller?

A trivial thought, some might say.

But I dare dream how often you’ve left veggies in chunky sizes for no reason at all. I know I do a fair bit. It can be that up front laziness that adds 10 or 15 minutes to the cooking time without you even realising it.

Not to mention it fuels the fire of limiting beliefs like ‘cooking takes a long time’ or ‘I can never cook <insert vegetable or meal> right’. 

So I took to those green tree’s like Costa from Gardening Australia. 


You know what? That delicious stir fry was ready in 5 minutes, followed by  S L E E P. 

Ahhhh, what a sigh of relief.

The moral of the story? 

Chop smaller. Cook faster. It’s a quick way to cook.


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