Lunch Lady WHO?

Lunch Lady Lou is a self taught cook and recipe developer.
She’s on a mission to remind busy women that they can cook and take care of themselves. AKA an Italian Nonna trapped in the body of a 30-something year old.

Lou is passionate about creating simple cooking rituals that support our health,
create the connection we desire and savour the memories and recipes from our past.
It’s not about diets. It’s not about expensive fad foods. It’s not about counting your calories or macros.

It’s about taking care of the one thing we have in our lives
that allows us to do everything we dream of doing in the world: our bodies.

Lou aims to untie you from the kitchen, remove your recipe rut and
empower you beyond the recipe into freestyle mode.

Lou believes life is about more than the 4 walls of your oven.
Lou celebrates the basics. It’s within the basics you can learn and elevate your kitchen skills to create a supportive recipe bank and cooking experience for your needs..

Lou’s recipes and meal prep tips have been featured online in
Vogue Australia, Body + Soul, 1Million Women and more.


Let’s take a trip down memory lane…


2012 Walking around the food markets in Hanoi.

There was a snapshot in time where it just all made sense.

“I realised my priorities were all wrong. I cared about, socialising, clothes, drinking, having fun, family / friends, and I guess my health. All I could see in South East Asia was their priorities revolved around family, fresh food, health… and the rest came after that.”

In Australia - we go to the supermarket, maybe once a week or fortnight;

  • We buy things in packets.

  • We can’t understand the labels or ingredients that may be best being avoided. Snazzy marketing captions mean more and price wins.

  • Our cooking skills haven’t been passed down properly, due to the rise of convenience food and we’re suffering big time.

  • We don’t fully know or understand how to feed ourselves.

  • Vegetables and salads have been given the worst wrap and we don’t have the skills to make them shine.

In Vietnam - they go to the food market daily, very early. Everything is fresh and they cook from scratch.



2013 Lou moved back to Sydney
and Lunch Lady Lou was launched.

As an ex-corporate Lou was sick of the poor food offerings available in the Sydney CBD. She noticed the direct effect unhealthy food was having on her ability to perform at work and be the person she wanted to be. So she set out to change the way Sydney eats.

Over the years she’s delivered lunches and catering to hungry corporates in the Sydney CBD who wanted more than the average soggy sambo. As well as catering for corporate wellness events, yoga retreats, personal development events, engagement parties and brides-to-be on their wedding day.

Known for simple delicious food and turning the most stubborn cabbage hater into a cabbage lover, Lou doesn’t believe in any diets. It's all about eating real food, with lots of flavour, made with heart and soul.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 4.44.34 pm.png


2019  On a sunny Summer Friday morning in peak hour traffic, the question popped in. “How am I going to do all the things I want to achieve in my life?” The answer back was too loud to ignore “quit the catering and just jump.”

So here we are jumping - Lunch Lady Lou v2.

Lou runs:

  • Regular cooking classes

  • Corporate wellness classes

  • Creates and shares recipes

  • Guides women through her signature programs to untether themselves from their status quo of “I can’t cook”

Lunch Lady Lou is here to:

  • Break down cooking to the basics

  • Uncomplicate the cooking process

  • Build your confidence in the kitchen

  • Uncover the layers of making a meal and how to build it in a way that works for you.

  • Redefines how you think about food and cooking in a way you’ve craved but never thought could be this simple.

  • Supports you to create simple rhythms and rituals in the kitchen, so you can get on with your full plate of living your life, outside the 4 walls of your oven.


The dream work hit list

A list of things I want to do. If you’re someone who can make
one of these happen. Get in touch and let’s chat.

  • Run weekly free cooking classes online.

  • Relaunch Kitchen Saucery.

  • Run a retreat where we spend our time cooking, eating and travelling.

  • Write a published cookbook.

  • Share my work in a magazine/publication that celebrates vegetables and share my version of cooking.

  • Explore the art of food photography and food styling.

  • Find Loop Farm and build the place we’ve been talking about for 7 years.

  • Nurture a veggie garden that we can eat from daily.

  • Create beautiful jars of deliciousness - maybe in the form of jams, pickles, chutney, relish. The produce sourced from our Loop Farm veggie garden.

  • Build a wood fired pizza oven.

  • Master the art of dough, in particular sourdough.

  • Build a big long wooden family style table and invite our community and visitors to join us around the table for a long lunch. I’ll cook.

  • Write a memoir.

  • Properly share my story about that time I had cancer when I was 21. The word cancer is so loaded, I want to share what I went through as it’s a catalyst for everything that has followed in my life. It was a gift wrapped up in the shittiest of circumstances.


Lou Loves

  • Lemons - known amongst her friends as the girl who always carries lemons in her bag, just in case.

  • The ocean - quite possibly part mermaid, but yet to be confirmed. Loves jumping off her local Balmoral jetty, or floating over the breakers at the beach. Can body surf, but prefers for the wave to take her, rather than having to paddle more than 2 strokes to get on the wave. This type of laziness is what makes her so excited about a slow cooker, or any type of ‘set and forget’ meal.

  • Tea - she intuitively creates herbal tea blends and if you’re lucky, you may receive a jar if we meet in person.

  • Coffee - but drinks a bit too much. Currently on a coffee break, where everyday is a negotiation not to drink a cup.

  • Moroccan / North African / Middle Eastern cooking.