Breakfast Eggy Muffins

breakfast eggy muffins

I was scrolling through my Insty feed and I found a HEAP, a ton, a hundred and one recipes that I have not yet posted on the blog. Here’s one from circa 2013, you know I can still remember making these and taking this arty photo from my small little kitchen in Bondi. It was a Sunday arvo, I’d just come back from swim number 2 at the beach and I got to meal prepping for the week. Where the heck has that meal prep routine gone?  

We teach best what we most need to learn. 

– Richard Bach


So it’s quite fitting that I’m posting about a breakfast recipe, a meal that I may have skipped this morning – whoops. Because… life, work, deadlines, Christmas. I know that some of you are with me on this. 

So here’s a recipe to inspire you to prep some deliciousness on Sunday for the week ahead. 

I LOVE these muffins because they’re easy to make, just whisk and throw them in the oven and let the oven do it’s job.  They taste AMAZING. They’re cute in a novel ‘muffin’ kind of way and the flavour combo’s are endless. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’28’] 

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