Charming Chocolate Recipes Round-up


We’re moments away from a new website launch. Delayed slightly, yes. But launching in perfect timing.

This will be the third website launch I’ve had since I started Lunch Lady Lou in March 2013. That to me is ridiculous and wonderful and huge and yet it’s only just the beginning. 

If this was a journey around Australia, starting in Sydney and heading North. I feel like I’ve made it to Coffs Harbour. Maybe just. My views and opinions have morphed and changed over time. Like everyone’s does and what started with an inkling from my intuition to learn more about why I got cancer at 21 and support my health and wellness going forward, has turned into the biggest adventure ever. It’s THE BEST. 

From writing about giving up sugar and random recipes that I was creating with my organic veggie delivery boxes (which by the way, I owe to learning to cook with what I had), I turned my blog into a business. Delivering bundles of LOVE around Sydney and North Sydney. In the form of delicious healthy tasty magnificent lunches and now, amazing catering that is the talking point of the meeting.

To me, as you’ll all know and maybe you believe this too. There’s really not much room in life for dull food. 

We are BEYOND lucky to live where we live and experience life as we do. And although I could reflect and feel like a failure only making it to Coffs Harbour on my business journey so far, it’s totally not like that at all. We have more opportunity than many of us allow ourselves to dream of. We have more creativity than you could ever imagine. We have more choices too. Even though it may not feel like it sometimes, none of us are totally immune to that.

So here’s a little celebration to February and Valentines Day and living the dream.


Just as a side note – I started writing the intro for this Charming Chocolate Recipes Round-Up and it didn’t involve anything of what I just said above. But as I looked back over these recipe round-up below, I thought “it’s time to celebrate” and that just free-flowed out. So I’m leaving it there and I hope it inspires you. 

A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for,” – Rear Admiral

Here’s a round up of some recipes that are charming and chocolate filled for your Valentine.

I’ll just say, I’m not really into Valentines Day. Except it’s a wonderful excuse to cook a wonderful meal and show some love and appreciation to the people in your life you love.

Here’s some inspiration to EXTEND that love beyond your lovers to your friends, to your work colleagues, to your boss, to randoms on the street, to your neighbours. Kindness is the new black, so spread that shit around. OKAY? 

Try these Charming Chocolate Recipes and extend a healthy ‘made with love’ Valentines Day to everyone you appreciate in your life. After all, there’s nothing more awesome than saying thank you with home-made treats. 


Bad Ass Chocolate Cake

Home-made Chocolate

Raw Jaffa Bliss Balls

Raw Choc Hazelnut Brownie 

Chocolate Mousse



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