Get organised in the kitchen in 2023

How to cook healthy meals without spending more hours in the kitchen or blowing out your grocery budget.

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Join me for this 60 minute masterclass and you’ll uncover:

The 7 big mistakes that make cooking so much harder (and more time consuming) than it needs to be

So you can skip the mistakes and get straight to the noms.

What the recipe bloggers and cookbook authors don’t want you to know about cooking

… that benefits them and wastes your precious time and money.

A speedy and simple cooking method you can cook with right now

Using a basic ingredient you already have in your pantry and how to make THREE completely different meals with it.

How to save yourself hours per week in the kitchen

Because cooking isn’t meant to take hours or even an hour. I know you’re busy and this is the hack to speed it up. 

A family fave: crispy potatoes and broccoli with thyme, rosemary and salt.


You want to make 2023 the year that you get organised in the kitchen, cook healthy meals and save on your grocery bills.

… Only problem is your best efforts so far have fallen short and you can’t keep the healthy habits going while juggling the rest of your calendar.

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Struggling to make ‘it all’ work? Life, work, family, friends, work out, cook, eat well, grocery shop, meal plan and have it all taste amazing? The pantry shortcuts will inject flavour into your meals in as little time as the scoop of a spoon. So you can spend more time living and less time cooking and still eat delicious healthy meals.

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You'll find me in:

I’m Lou. Kitchen Coach, Mama …

and lover of crispy bacon, homemade popcorn and 3 drinks at once (coffee, water and OJ and no I definitely can drink them all).  

I bought the concept of ‘healthy lunch delivery’ to the Sydney CBD in 2013 when you had to walk 45 minutes to get a half decent bowl of greens.

It used to take me 3 hours to make a batch of corn fritters. I’d serve them up, with nothing else. Then demand my guests cook their own eggs (and mine too). 

You’ll find me in Vogue, Harris Farm, Buzzfeed, and Body+Soul. And most notably (to me) cooking day in and day out for my family, while being a mum, running a business and having a life.


I followed recipes to a ‘T’. Step by step. I was so busy focussing, I never learnt anything and I’d be exhausted by the time the meal was ready.

– I’d buy all the ingredients and then never use them, wasting my money.

– I used to plan my meals by following other peoples recipes, not paying attention to the seasons.

– Because I didn’t pay attention to the seasons. My veggies weren’t fresh and delicious like seasonal is and I spent more money on our grocery bill.

– And because I lacked confidence and skills, I couldn’t freestyle with the ingredients I had meaning I’d waste food that I left sitting it the fridge.

– When I started experimenting with ditching the recipes. I made a lot of bad, bland and inedible meals because I lacked a solid cooking foundation and flavour knowledge.

… and the goodness in this free 60 minute Masterclass will help you skip all of this.

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