What we’re cooking for Christmas lunch


I feel like a grown up. First time ever Christmas lunch will be at our place and we’re in charge.  It’s fair to say that Pierre and I do like to buck a trend sometimes, so we’re mixing it up a little. 

We’ve been searching for recipes all over the net.  You’d think I’d be in charge, after all I’m Lunch Lady Lou. But….. maybe not.

When Pierre gets inspired by food, he takes over. It’s awesome to watch but we can both be a bit bossy and we learnt the hard way.

‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth’

Although our experience was a whole duck in our tiny London share house kitchen for an old old friend visiting.  We were both cooking the duck, although we were following 2 different recipes. Four and half years later, theres still animosity in the air. 

Here’s a rundown of what we’re inspired to cook for Christmas lunch this year..


Bourbon Glazed pork belly chunks
By BBC Good Food

Although we’re calling it Crispy Whisky pork belly. Sounds so much better. 



Honey Roasted Duck  with green bean and hazelnut salad
By Gordon Ramsay 

Duck needs no introduction. Yarrm! 

Saved the fat and make the taters. 

Quick crunchy roast potatoes

Duck fat roasted potatoes
By Lunch Lady Lou 

We’re using half normal potato and half sweet potato.

We’ll keep the fat from the duck and replace the oil in this recipe. We’ll also blast the heat at 220 ish degrees, to get a full on crispy DELICIOUS potato. 

Christmas Pudding
By Hemsley and Hemsley 

Growing up my gran had a bunch of thruppence and other old school coins she used to bake into her pudding. If you found one in your pudding, before you chewed it and hurt your teeth you were lucky. 

I’m not a fan of Christmas pudding at all, but I still eat it. It would be a sin not to. I have zero experience making a pudding but I’d like it to be a little less sugar loaded. 

By Jamie Oliver 

Mama Mia! We’re getting our Italian on with a little Jamie and a lot of coffee, cream and sugar. Can’t WAIT to try this. 

I’m substituting the sugar for coconut sugar for a nuttier flavour.

By Donna Hay 

I’ve had a semifreddo recipe in my mind for a long time but have never found the occasion to make it. I was tossing up whether to include this, but, we went to dinner 2 nights ago and they served us semifreddo! A sign?  I think so. 

I’ll add dark chocolate chunks and a drop or 2 of doTERRA peppermint essential oil. 


Enjoy the holidays, eat well and be merry.


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