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Do You Eat the Plane Food?


In the quest for creating and eating the tastiest food I possibly can. Plane food doesn’t really fall into this category. Boo.


do you eat the plane food

I don’t want to rant about the junk they’re serving on those aeroplanes. But seriously. Yuck.

I find most of the time, poor quality food makes me feel sick and sluggish and moody and just yuck. And we all seem to agree that plane food is just that, plain food.

So instead of starting my holiday feeling that way. I prep some food, use up what’s in the fridge and land in a new country feeling AMAZING. 

My number 1 tip, as it always is when it comes to cooking…. make food that excites you and that you’ll want to eat. I’m a thirsty person, this is amped by my medical history, but looking back I always loved water. I could survive on drinks alone for quite a while. I’m the type of person that goes to a cafe and orders 3 drinks at the same time.  So my list below is skewed towards hydrating foods.  


Here’s what I’m packing for my flight this week. 


Who doesn’t have an egg in the fridge to use up? 

6 minutes in boiling water = soft boiled gooey eggy amazingness. 

Keep them in the shell and smash them when everyone else is served their salty foil covered slop. 


I purposely bought some extra organic apples from Ooooby last week. So I could munch them on the plane. I always find I get so thirsty on flights. This is due to the altitude and the air con. Eating an apple, pear or citrus (they’re all in season right now) helps keep me hydrated and makes me feel light. 

Other super hydrating include: cucumber, watermelon, strawberries, lemon. 


Same deal as the fruit really. I love snacking on cucumber or celery or carrot. 

Other hydrating veggies include: tomato, celery, spinach.


Slice a lemon and add squeeze into your water. For flavour and for a vitamin C hit. This will help keep you hydrated too. 


Like toasted nuts, I may even make some Maple Roasted Macadamia’s


Like a bliss ball. Or some chocolate my favourite at the moment is The Carob Kitchen Banjo Bear. I’ll eat this instead of eating the super sweet cakes or chocolate they serve on the flight. 


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