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Learn the essential building blocks to making epic, delicious and simple salads. Whether it’s a weekday lunch or a showstopper for a crowd.

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sick of baby spinach, tomato and feta?

Is it a wild day when you add some poached chicken and fresh basil?
I know, I know. It’s easy, simple and all you could think of. Maybe you fee like it’s all you have time for. 


What’s wrong with that salad combo anyway?
Nothing is wrong with it, but the world is your oyster when it comes to making salads and I want to show you how you have about 7 million different salad combo’s hiding in your pantry. No that’s no an exaggeration at all.


So you want to eat healthy. But want it to be flavour worthy (duh) and bonus points for being simple. You’re in the right place and we’ll make your work colleagues jealous too.



Eating the same salad combo day in day out is as exciting as a tomato sauce sandwich


If you can't 'think' of salad recipes and spend time searching online, you're wasting precious time


Stop blaming baby spinach, tomato and feta on your lack of creativity

welcome to salad inspo x infinity

We’ll unlock a gigantic component of building confidence in the kitchen and in your ability to throw together a delicious meal, at the drop of a hat. Without the stress…. it all begins with a simple salad.


We open your mind to how to think when you make salads. Which is super handy when you’re trying to eat a little more healthy(ish), up your veggie intake, feed a crowd or trying to reduce the amount of meat you are eating – all the while juggling a full life.


how to build an epic salad… that you’ll actually want to eat

How to Build an Epic Salad is your go-to guide for healthy delicious salads.
Whether it’s weekday lunches or impressive salads for a crowd, I’ve got you covered.


This guide will help you:
Brighten your weekday work lunches
Create simple delicious crowd pleasers
Boost your salad game and fill your belly

what’s includeD


16 x recipes to create memorable delicious healthy salads

Whether you’re after a quick throw together weekday lunch or out to wow a crowd.


7 x bonus dressing ideas

It’s all in the sauce. These are drizzle over anything and everything type of sauces. To make once and enjoy multiple times – my kind of cooking.


16 x bonus tried and tested salad bowl ideas

To take your salad game straight to ‘kitchen wizard’, plus endless inspiration (and permission).


Endless inspiration

You’ll learn to mix and match to make your salad bowls with the ingredients you love. There is no such thing as a ‘weird combo’ – if it tastes good, you’re doing it right. Often times the magic is in the weird combo’s your creativity dreams up.

Level up your salad game

I already liked cooking and I have learnt SO MUCH

You have opened my mind to all the new and different flavours I can incorporate in my meals. I’ve created a really nice Sunday ritual and I look forward to whipping up meals, nut milk and treats for the week


You can make friends with salad

hey, I’m lou

Mama to BJ, Kitchen Coach (and wannabe Nonna), lover of food and freshness. I teach busy mums and women how to fall in love with cooking and reclaim their Kitchen Mojo.

So you can never ever ever ever feel disempowered in the kitchen again. Ever.


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