Busy? Tired? Carrying a few extra kg’s?

We always notice it right when the Spring clothing comes out don’t we?

While I’m no personal trainer, I believe 80% of the effort is what you eat and 20% is movement. Here are my thoughts on losing weight.


1. MOVE. Easier said than done, I know. But start small. Set a timer and get up and away from your desk every 20 minutes. This is also a great way to get moving through that to-do list a lot faster.

2. THE 80/20 RULE. 80% of the time eat real food, fresh food, healthy food. Then leave 20% for weekends, for treats, for going out to dinner. Keep a food diary, or write things down in your phone calendar so you can remember where you are up to with your week and keeping in moderation.

3. READ THE INGREDIENTS LABEL. If you’re cruising through that supermarket. Before you add an item to your trolley, check the ingredients label. The less ingredients the better and bonus points if you can recognise the name of every ingredient listed. Steer clear of random sugars, numbers, preservatives, colourings.


“Every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else.”


4. LEARN TO MEAL PREP. Read quote above and think about what you can say no to so you can fit in some meal prep.
Set time aside on a Sunday morning to prep meals for the week. 1 x dip, 3 x smoothies, a baked muesli bar, 5 x boiled eggs. Whatever you like to eat, make it awesome so you’re excited to eat it. I try to aim for a breakfast and snack prepped until Wednesday. Then I prep again Wednesday evening.

5. SNACK RIGHT. Yep, eat all the snacks in the world. But eat real snacks made from real food (read point 2). Invest in a blender (if you haven’t already). Roast 2 cups of veggies and blend with juice of 1 lemon,  1 garlic clove, 1/4 cup cashews and 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil. Portion into small containers and take this to work when you feel like snacking.

6. EAT AN AWESOME BREAKFAST. It’s been proven that eating a hearty brekky will curb cravings later in the day. My favourite is buckwheat granola with watermelon and coconut yoghurt. Or boiled eggs with avo and sourdough.

7. ADD IN 1 EXTRA CUP OF WATER. Actually, for starters, are you drinking enough water?  Aim for 2 litres and yes, everyone who drinks 2 litres of water pee’s a lot. But not drinking water to avoid that is not cool. Repeat, not cool.

8. ADD IN 1 EXTRA CUP OF VEGGIES. Or even half a cup. Adding that up over a 7 day period, that’s an extra 3.5 cups of pure veggie goodness.

9. EAT YOUR VEGGIES BEFORE YOU EAT THE REST OF YOUR PLATE. Don’t fill up on bread. Don’t fill up on the pasta. So often people rush to eat the ‘fillers’ and forget about the good stuff.Eat the veggies, chew slowly, then eat the rest.



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