get your shit together

I made a recipe book of my favourite recipes.
I make these recipes weekly.
They’re the bones of how I eat.
I want to share them with you.

Simple cooking tips for finding your rhythm and ritual in the kitchen.

This book is a celebration of the basics, to get you out of your head, into your heart and cooking in the kitchen.

I know your life is full, but I know you know, you’re not going to get the nourishment
you want from eating takeaway or ordering those meal kits. If you want to learn to cook once
and for all - Get Your Shit Together is full of my favourite tips. Ingredients I fill my fridge with weekly
and I share how I think about food and filling my bowl.

We’re going to: Uncomplicate > Cook > Get on with your life.



You’ll discover basics like this:

Copy of IMG_5577.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 3.24.23 pm.png
Roast chicken copy.JPG

Rewire your brain about how to
build a meal and meal prep….

and why cooking for yourself is the only way.
Yet it doesn’t need to be the big drama we love to make it.
It can be a simple flowing rhythm and a little weekend ritual.

When you feel good, everything else in your life works better.

Let's get things straight.
When I refer to ones shit being together, this will look different for every person.
I just mean cooking for yourself without white knuckling the recipe.

Here's my rhythm:

I don’t follow recipes. I don’t cook meals. I make time to prep a few ingredients and
bring them together in a simple symphony of deliciousness.
I cook a little bit on the weekend, so I only need to cook a little bit each night.

Plan the time.

Make it a ritual.

Buy the food.

Cook something.

Eat it.

Review it.

Store it.

And repeat.