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FRIENDS OF LOU: Jenna Black “How Eating Whole Foods, Changed My Life”

For years I struggled with my weight – fluctuating up and down and never quite finding that happy medium. I suffered from bad IBS and a general lack of energy.

Come 3pm each day I would be slumped in my chair, eyes glazed over at the computer screen, unable to focus on the task at hand. On top of that, I had bad stomach pain on a daily basis and I generally felt unmotivated.

My world started to change after I made the decision to visit a naturopath a couple of years ago. After spending time with her I took her advice to cut out foods such as gluten, grains and refined sugar. It was a simple remedy – just eat real, whole foods.

It didn’t take long to convince me of the power of nutrition because I started seeing changes immediately. The stomach pain I had experienced after each meal for as long as I could remember, disappeared within 2 weeks on my new diet. I became energised and focused. I felt alive!

After months of eating this way, I started to take a personal interest in nutrition, and I was intrigued by how powerful eating whole foods really is for the body. I began studying it in my spare time, at every moment I could get! I would read countless books, listen to podcasts from health gurus and discuss with like-minded friends about anything and everything nutrition based. I was obsessed.

More recently I had a complete light bulb moment after discovering The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I came across the school and immediately fell in love with it and signed up for their course within a day. I am now studying to become a holistic health coach so that I too can change someone’s life for the better. Just as my naturopath guided me to do those years ago!

I guess more or less, this blog post is a big personal thank you to real whole foods. Thanks for nourishing my body, for giving me energy and vitality and for inspiring me to completely change my career and follow my true passion.

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge in the right direction!


Jenna Black
Hi! I’m Jenna, from Sydney Australia. I am an e-commerce manager in the day and nutrition nerd at all other times! I live and breathe health and wellness and am currently studying to be a health coach. I am also a green smoothie addict and yoga lover.
Connect with me at Soulwellness Daily, FacebookInstagram, Twitter.




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