Are you ready to get your shiz together in the kitchen?
Download your free recipe book now.

In this free guide, there are 8 recipes to help you get started in the kitchen and build your confidence.

This is the beginning of ‘open the fridge and know what to cook without a recipe.

This is for the busy person who wants to begin eating well and still pronounces ‘quinoa’ as qwinowah. You’re a slave to a recipe and you spend a lot of time googling them, they all seem doable but as soon as you’re short an ingredient or time – your good will and confidence goes out the window.

In this guide, you will learn my signature way of building a meal.
The base. Some veg. Some meat. An epic dressing or dip. Toppings.

Here’s what you’ll learn

✔ 8 simple recipes to set you up for a big week.

✔ How to build a meal that’s easy to make, delicious and healthy.

✔ How to escape the cooking overwhelm for good.

✔ How to use your fridge as an express ticket to FLAVOUR.

✔ Why the basic ingredients in your pantry are the ones you need to learn to cook first.

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