A guide to wholesome, natural and delicious homemade care packages


Give memorable gifts your people love to receive. Learn to make the most delicious and impressive homemade gifts and care packages.



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have you ever wanted to make beautiful natural gifts?

In a world where we can buy whatever we want, without leaving the couch (as long as the credit card is in reach). Why do so many of us feel the pressure and burden of giving meaningless gifts. If you’ve ever wanted to be the one who gives the awesome homemade gifts, but aren’t sure where to start this is for you. It’s time to gift more love. Gift our time. Give gifts that say “I made this and I’m thinking of you”.

You fork out $$$ for meaningless gifts to tick the boxes without putting any meaning or thought into them

You're scared to make meals for other people because you don't know how to make them special

You've felt embarrassed when people open your gifts and dream of the day where they're beautiful and meaningful

it’s time to claim your fame as the epic gifter you’ve always wanted to be

 You realise yet again at the 11th hour you needed a gift, like, yesterday. You rush out to the shops, feeling confident you’ll find something and as you search store to store, nothing feels right or of value. You’re tempted by a candle but pretty sure you’ve given them a candle the past 4 years in a row, time to mix it up.

 You eye off some herbal teas, face oils and a scrub that seems ridiculously over priced for epsom salts and rose petals. You’re tempted to buy the raw ingredients and chuck it in a jar yourself, but, time and what goes in those jars anyway? You bookmark the idea for next year.

You end up settling for fancy chocolate and a keep cup, hoping they need a new one even though keep cups, while essential, are old news and everyone owns a minimum 3 if not more. 

The recipient opens the gift and of course they’re grateful, but you feel off. Like you could have done more or found something better with more time. Maybe even made a meal, after all this person is going through a hard time.


 There are enough keep cups in the world, it’s time to stop feeling shit about the gifts you give and start making your own DIY natural and wholesome gifts and carepackages

made with love

A complete guide to homemade care packages and healthy meals as gifts

Here’s what’s included:


50+ signature Lunch Lady Lou recipes

Packed with 50+ signature Lunch Lady Lou recipes that aren’t published anywhere else.


My signature nourishing meals - delicious but simple recipes

I’ll show you how to make my signature meals that impress a crowd, nourish bodies but are simple (and cheap) to make. 

Simple pickles and condiments, eg: flavour town in a jar.

How to make your own teas blends.

Your new favourite sweet treat recipes – mostly vegan and gluten free.


Easy to follow process

So that you can plan, make and package meaningful home cooked goodness as gifts.


Natural beauty potions for men and women

Natural beauty potions so clean you could eat them that you’d pay $50+ a pop if you bought them retail.

You’ll also get…

Equipment guide

Including where to buy your packaging and produce from

Priority digital hand holding

Priority access to Lou when you have questions

Instant access

Instant access when you purchase

Made with Love is your new go-to gift guide for DIY handmade gifts and care packages you'll be proud to give to your nearest and dearest.

Made with Love is made up of 6 parts

The best meals I have ever made

I’ve learnt so much. Biggest lesson being you don’t have to follow a recipe. Just understand the flavours. In Lou’s words… “you cant f**k it up.” Just came home from work not feeling too well and decided to make myself a chicken soup. So I replicated the first chicken recipe. Shredded the chicken again and added it to the broth. I feel better already.


hey, I’m lou

Mama to BJ, Kitchen Coach (and wannabe Nonna), lover of food and freshness. I teach busy mums and women how to fall in love with cooking and reclaim their Kitchen Mojo.

So you can never ever ever ever feel disempowered in the kitchen again. Ever.


Learn about Lou's favourite products for her home and kitchen

PS: Cooking skills are NOT required

Let’s make show stopper gifts that are infused with love


Frequently Asked Questions

I really don't know how to cook, is this for me?

I’ll teach you to cook via these recipes.

The recipes are detailed and I am confident you’ll be able to keep up.

If you have questions at any time, you have priority access to me via email to ask your questions.

What happens when I sign up?

When you confirm you purchase you’ll be directed to Memberspace where the ebook lives. 

If you’re a previous client of mine, you’ll be able to access all of your previous products and courses.

Do I need really fancy ingredients?

Everything in this book can be purchased at the shops. If you live in a smaller town, you may be better off buying online. However, it’s likely you have a portion of what’s needed in your home.

For packaging, you likely will need to purchase. I have included details on the best places to buy.

How long will it take me to make these products?

The food products will average between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours. That will depend whether you choose to make a spice blend or a slow cooked meal.

The natural products are all quite fast to make. 15 minutes is usually enough time, making this process fast, easy and cheap.

Thank you for opening me up to my kitchen

We made the pizza dough last night and roasted tomato sauce. It was so good, better than buying pizza. We’re loving this Friday night ritual and loving our time in the kitchen. I actually get so much delight reading your emails. They’re down to earth, conversational and fuelled with passion. Like oozing with it.


Made and give the gifts you've always wished you could