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How to ‘calm your farm’


How to ‘calm your farm’

This saying just keeps popping up. Is it from somewhere super important and I’ve just missed it?  Or is it secretly because everyone wants to escape the city and move to a farm (like Pierre and I are planning #loopfarm – watch this space).

Here are few tried and tested ways I calm down at the end of a big day, relax, take time out or AKA ‘calm your farm’. 

I started Lunch Lady Lou in 2012 (can you believe it?) and things got pretty hectic in there from the end of 2012 / early 2013. I was balancing Event Management full time work, getting my health back on track after a lot of travel, getting married and building a blog and business that I was committed to succeed in building and propel me into a new version of my life. Because, office work and a lot of habits I was using to ‘distract’ myself just weren’t cutting it and I desperately needed a change.

Sometimes it’s so easy to look on into other peoples lives and think their success just landed in their lap. But you know for the most of us that’s not true right? Not even for Oprah.

So while from the outside and on my Instagram it was all green smoothies and quinoa (come on it was 2012!), the main comment I got from friends in my circle was “how the heck do you have the energy to do all of this?” 

My answer – I needed the change and I was committed to making it happen. I knew getting started and getting momentum was the answer and I wasn’t prepared to do it half heartedly.

That answer is all well and good, but four years on in 2016 I’d picked up some bad habits of working way too hard for too many hours each day. Even if I tried to switch off, it’s so much easier said than done. I know you can all relate to this in some area of your life, it’s just a lesson we need to learn. 

You know when you have a GREAT BOOK and you just can’t put it down even though its way too late. Or you’re just about to go to bed and Netflix clicks over to the next episode of the show and you should turn it off… but.. what’s one more episode? Which turns into 3am.  For the record, I’ve never done this but I know my friends who have. TV for me is like taking a tonne of sleeping tablets. 10 minutes and I’m out. 

One day last year I had this thought.

I can’t be Lunch Lady Lou to her full potential if I don’t create space in my life for pure joy and the rest I need. 

… yes I speak in a mish mash of third person way too much. 

Lunch Lady Lou is about treating yourself with respect. Feeding your body with the best food it deserves, so you can do the things that matter in your life. Because, feeling like crap or bloated or sick or tired or just grey is not an option. It just isn’t.

I want to repeat that. 

We’ve become accustomed to feeling yuck and tired and like everything in the day should be hard from our first thought when we wake up of ‘I’m so tired. I need to go back to sleep’, to the last thought before we go to bed ‘oh god, work again tomorrow’.  

It’s just not on.

It’s boring.

I’m not saying when you’re there it’s not bloody hard and so so real, but it’s all a choice and making a choice to fill your body with EPIC food is a huge leap in the right direction for clearing these thoughts up. 

Pure joy at the moment means jumping off the jetty at Balmoral. You know the one? Into the shark net area. I’ve suddenly developed a fear of sharks and until today, I’d jump into the water and furiously swim to the shore. But today, today for the first time, I hung around. I floated, looking up at the blue shiny sky and my soul said to me “Thank you! Do more of this”.

The rest I need is 9 hours sleep a night. I love going up to the park and playing basketball with Pierre. All these things that I’d been neglecting from myself and for what? – emails, instagram, facebook, work, work work. 

So here are a few ways to ‘calm the farm’ 

As a side note. The farm for you might be a tribe of kids and 1 big kid.

It could be your team at work.

For me, it’s the thoughts in my head that make me want to neglect the things my soul is crying out for the most and the way to stay fully true to me, it starts with sleep.

Side note B – this is my ideal. I’m human. Sometimes it’s not like this at all. In big big workloads for Lunch Lady Lou, I’d only dream of this. I’m not proud of that but it’s the truth.  Other times there’s just a bout of pure self sabotage, usually when I want to do something for myself early the next morning like go for a run. If that’s on the calendar I’m definitely trying to stuff it up by going to bed late. What’s with that?

If these rituals trigger you in anyway, I get it, but be nice to yourself… please? Maybe you’re a long way away, but maybe this is just the information you needed to read to create a nice ritual for yourself? 

Oh and no, I don’t have kids. Big love to all the mummas out there, YOU ARE AWESOME. I do believe this ritual in some form is possible for you too.

This is my nightly ritual to ‘calm the farm’

  1. 8pm – I set my alarm for the next morning
    Your alarm might be recurring but my days change a bit so this is a nightly thing for me. It also helps me anchor into my goals for the next day and what I want to achieve. I turn my mobile phone on airplane mode or OFF if I think I’ll be tempted to get to unnecessary scrolling. I also put the phone in my room.
  2. ‘no lights’ – only lamps, or lights with a dimmer setting
    This is throughout the house. If I go into a new room, I’m turning on a lamp not a light. 
  3. I set up my diffuser with lavender and wild orange essential oils
    I diffuse this in my room. We prefer to sleep without the diffuser on (except if we’re sick or congested), but if I diffuse the room prior the healing benefits of lavender essential oil and wild orange essential oil are still in the air. These oils help relax and promote feelings of calm and serenity – you know when you step into a fancy spa and they’ve got the diffuser on and your whole body just goes ‘aaaaahhhhhhh and relaxes’. Divine isn’t it. 
  4. I boil the kettle and make a sleepy tea
    At the moment it’s a mix of chamomile, lavender and elderberry. I buy the leaves from my local health food store, they’re in pretty big bags which means I’m set for a few months while I draw down on my delicious creations. I let the tea steep in a teapot while I shower. It’s still hot when I’m out. 
  5. Shower
    Sounds obvious, but I’ve worked out my perfect shower time too. If I shower earlier I’ll calm down then my energy will pick back up. If it’s later the process is too rushed.  
  6. Skincare
    I make a mix of 2 drops lavender, 1 drop ylang ylang (or wild orange or geranium or sandalwood) and 1 drop frankincense with 10mL organic apricot oil or coconut oil. I apply this all over my body and take extra care to apply around my scars on my face and neck. I send love to the side of my face the tumor was on and think positive thoughts about healing and I also take note to how it feels. I also apply the oil to my spine and my right wrist where I had previously suffered severe pain from RSI. PS: I don’t anymore – from a bit of research frankincense helps heal carpal tunnel. Amazing.  
    – Lavender is anti aging. 
    – Ylang Ylang promotes all things calm, but also uplifts your mood. Massaging this around your neck and shoulders helps reduce the feelings of stress that have built up over the day (or week, or month, or year). 
    – Frankinsense promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment. Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions. Calms the mind and soothes the senses. 
  7. By this stage I’m pretty blissed out. So I give myself a high five for the epic self care ritual I’ve just completed.
    I’m ready for a great sleep and I feel I’m going to sleep well. And I smell FREAKIN AMAZING. 
  8. I lay on the carpet, drink my tea and stretch out my lower back and hips.
    If I’ve been on a run, I’ll use the foam roller or a tennis ball to help my hip which likes to cause me grief sometimes if I miss my nightly stretches too much. I might read – but seriously by this time I’m ready to sleep. 
  9. By 9pm, I place 1 drop of Lavender Peace essential oil on mine and Pierre’s pillow. 
    Lavender Peace  is a mix of every oil thats grounding, comforting and soothing. 1 drop on the pillow promotes feelings of relaxation and a restful sleeping environment. If you struggle with sleeping you’ll be glad to know it lessens feelings of tension, anxiety and calms emotions, calms the mind and soothes the senses. I believe everyone can benefit from a drop of this on their pillow at night and I’ve had major success with a family member who couldn’t sleep and a friend who is a terrible sleeper.
    Lavender Peace is a specific blend made by doTERRA and consists of:  Lavender Flower, Cedarwood, Ho Wood Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Marjoram Leaf, Roman Chamomile Flower, Vetiver Root, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Hawaiian Sandalwood Wood 

The process of lights down, phone off, sleepy tea concoction and stretching is enough to create a calm and magical energy in your home. These feelings are only amplified by the essential oils and I find they just make everything so much easier.

As a business owner, there’s a lot to do – but these oils support me and remind me that I’m one person, I’m in exactly the right spot I’m meant to be in and I need to take time for myself so I can serve my beautiful tribe and thrive creating a business that I love, instead of feeling dull and grey. 

I want to hear from you, this topic is an important one as I feel lots of us want this but aren’t granting ourselves this wish. How do you calm the farm? What does calming the farm mean to you? 

If you have any oils questions, email me OR click here to lock in a call and I’d be more than happy to chat about how these oils have changed mine and my families life and how they can change yours. 


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