How to cook lentils

The secret is prep prep prep.

Happy rainy Sunday guys.

Do you have a Sunday ritual to get you ready for the week ahead? I usually cook batches of different legumes to have on hand to add quickly to my meals. Since I’ve started this, it has saved me so much time on my weekday mornings. It means I can make gourmet lunches in half the time that it would usually takes. It also means I don’t need to only eat leftover dinners for lunch, which gives variety of flavours but also nutrients. You know the old saying: EAT  A RAINBOW.

Most of all, prepping on Sunday means if I’m running late on a workday morning. I won’t flake out and decide to buy my lunch that day and then the next and then the next. That my friends is called a viscious cycle. I’ve found cooking in bulk like this keeps me accountable to make my lunch daily. Otherwise, its a whole lot of food, time and money going to waste.

Give it a go and leave me a note in the comments below to let me know how you go.
This week I made lentils –  learn how to cook lentils here.

WARNING: You will never eat tinned lentils again.

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