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How to make a raw choc hazelnut brownie with wild orange essential oil



This is raw choc hazelnut brownie with wild orange essential oil is a keeper. And you’ll think that I’m a keeper (even more) after you make it.

raw-choc-hazelnut-brownie-with-doterra-wild-orange-essential-oilI’ve been brainstorming new recipes to create and I know we’re moving into the busy season. Where all the treats are consumed and where all the presents are bought, gifted and received. And all the thoughts are had like “wow, I can’t believe she bought me (insert weird present from your aunty here), does she not know me at all?”

It sucks that we’ve all thought it. But we have. And if you haven’t you’re way too grateful…. no I’m joking.

But seriously.

The though of being the person giving the weird gifts terrifies me slightly. Also I believe anyone reading this blog lives in an environment where they may not actually need a lot of ‘presents’ – so my intention is to give them something made by me with love.

The presents I love to give and love to receive are made with love. It’s not another bottle of that weird fake fragranced body wash and a loofa. 

Imagine if you made a cake for someone. Now that’s totally delicious and in the moment.

PS: to all my family reading this. Yes this is a hint to make me a cake. Sometimes a Lunch Lady likes to just eat.

I’ve taken my love for choc hazelnut and infused it with my new love of doTERRA essential oils and bright little bottle of wild orange. 

Unscrewing the lid on a bottle of wild orange is like someone threw a bag of oranges at your face but just before they hit you every orange exploded (nothing hits you though) and all you’re left with is the sweetest, freshest beautiful orange citrus aroma circling around you.  

Or.. maybe you just pierced the skin of an orange and smelt it.

I think I know which description I prefer. 

PIN ME! Raw choc hazelnut brownie with wild orange essential oil

I heart the wild orange.

Wild orange oil is cold pressed from the rind of the orange. Which is where all the nutrients and antioxidants live, making a drop of this beautiful oil more than just a sweet sweet orange taste.

On an emotional level, this oil is known to uplift the mind and body and also a purifying agent and cleanser.

If you haven’t treated yourself to an oil or 2 yet and don’t have any wild orange essential oil on hand. You can use the zest of 1 orange. But the benefit of the oil is that when oranges are out of season, we can use a few drops and get our orange hit. 

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