Kitchen Mojo Private Cooking Classes

Join me for a private cooking lesson. Support and accountability meets recipe ideas and your perfect meal prep plan. All on your terms to fit your schedule.

You’ve tried recipe books, free online blogs, famous Inta influencer recipes and following your friends advice with just no luck?

You feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done. The to-do list is long and if you could drop half of it, in a heatbeat, you would. With your best efforts cooking for youself gets pushed to the end. Then it’s 6.45pm again, and not an inch of progress has been made to cook dinner.

You’re googling the recipes and have way too many bookmarked. In your phone, Instagram, Facebook, your computer (at home and work). You’re trying the one tray meals, the dump bags, the meal kits too. But nothing sticks.

I get it. Life seems to get busier by the day and it’s as if someone has reduced the 24hr day to less. You’re not broken. You’re not failing at adulting or motherhood or keeping up with your agreed duties at home.

It’s rare these days that anyone is properly taught how to cook. And the result is a bunch of adults thinking they need to order a meal kit which lays out step by step process. When all they really need to do is learn around 10 basic steps of cooking that are chronically overlooked.

And I do mean chronically. Almost every recipe shared online in an overcomplicated version of the idea (the meal). I don’t teach you how to make a meal. I teach you processes so you can make any meal you like and know how long it’ll take, not feel overwhelmed and actually feel excited to cook.

In a kitchen mojo private cooking class WE’LL FOCUS ON making cooking and a meal prep process work for you and your life.

We’re going to make life easier for you in the kitchen. 


You’re going to get recipes.

You’ll learn the basic foundations of cooking that will make ALL of your cooking knowledge fit into place.

You’re going to get a ‘meal plan’.

You’ll get a shopping list too.

You’re going to get a confidence boost. So you can walk into the kitchen at any time and know that you’ve got this.

 These classes are focussed to help you bring your cooking game up to scratch, to help you feel like you’ve got your sh*t together in the kitchen. They can be:

  • A kick up the bum, when you just can’t get your shiz together

  • Easy meal planning ideas

  • Basic recipe guides

  • Transitioning to a healthier diet or a lighthouse to keep you on track with eating healthier food

  • Learning to budget for food and adopting a frugal food lifestyle – including zero waste cooking

  • A refocus on what’s important and what works for you

  • Access my kitchen genius, we can riff and create Kitchen Nonna style

From beginner ‘how do I pronounce quinoa’ to ‘certified Kitchen Nonna’ or anywhere in between. These classes are tailored to where you are.

A rundown of how a Kitchen Mojo class works

Here’s the deal

  • You book your time that works for you on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday morning (I only work these 3 days).
  • I’ll send you a short questionnaire, so I can tailor our class to your needs.
  • Around 2 weeks before our class – we’ll agree on a menu and lesson plan for our time together.
  • Around 1 week before our class – you’ll be sent a full ingredients list and tips for getting the most out of your class.
  • On the day, we’ll spend 3 hours together cooking. There’ll be time for you to ask questions. You’re going to leave feeling confident with a new lease on your cooking life.
  • Post class, you’ll receive a video recording of our class, plus a curated recipe book, meal plan and one month email access to me. So if you get stuck or have a question, you email me and I’ll respond within 24 hours.


Let’s recap what you get

  • A private 3 hour class with Lou
  • A personalised lesson plan
  • A recipe book (pdf) I’ll customise for you, based on your dietary requirements
  • A meal plan, based off the recipes we’ve cooked and your usual schedule
  • A video recording of the class.
  • One month email access to ask me any questions you have.

Book and pay today