Welcome to Kitchen Saucery

Over the next 8 weeks we’re going to step towards a future of freedom in the kitchen. We’re going to build confidence, lighten up on the anxiety of stuffing it up, learn the basics and delight our tastebuds.


Cooking is what makes us human and it’s as natural as breathing air or sleeping. We need to do it to live (unless you want to be a raw foodie or a breatharian. This is why we do it, this is why it’s hard. Unless cooking is modelled to you or you’ve had what I call a ‘Mak Truck’ experience (health scare), it can be a difficult situation to navigate. It takes effort and action. This is why it can be so hard sometimes.


I need you to know, I can’t cook for you. You’ve made your way into this course for a reason and I’m here to rock your world. You’ve probably already felt a shift in the way you spend your time in the kitchen or that you (shock) are coming round to the idea this could be fun…. possibly. That’s a funny side effect of investing in yourself. But we’re only just beginning.


Everything I know is in this course. Everything you need to change your kitchen, cooking and eating habits is in this course. It just requires you to show up and give it a go.


If you’re new here, get ready for serious Flavour Town. Each lesson is designed to deliver more value than the price of the course itself. In flavour, in relief, in ‘omg I finally feel like I’m a grown up‘, in cooking wizard status with your friends and family.


If you’re an OG who’s been in the Kitchen Saucery group for a while. I want you to grade yourself. Take a look at how you went in round 1. How can you improve? You know.


I believe in keeping cooking and health grounded. The wellness industry (or the majority of it) has done a number on food/health fuelling it with anxiety, rules and lemmings. I’m here to remind you of 6 things:

  1. You already know how to cook much more than you give yourself credit for.
  2. You can’t stuff it up.
  3. No-one can look after you but you and a great place to start is with food!
  4. If you’re here for health, an empowering place to start is to start. Start somewhere and your body will tell you how you feel. If you want to follow a diet, please, go ahead. Although I’m here to remind that what works for one, doesn’t work for another – blanket rules can be suffocating. EG: you feel bloated after chickpeas, bread, milk… whatever it is, you already know.
  5. Recipe ruts don’t exist. There’s a little thing called the internet where everything exists, in step by step form already. You need new skills, maybe a mindset shift, you need a reminder to take the pressure OFF.
  6. You’re amazing.

My mission is for everyone to enjoy cooking and community through food.

Eating well isn’t for the rich and elite. Cooking isn’t just for people with time. Recipes aren’t just for those with lineages of the European and Asian variety. I do absolutely believe that choosing to cook and eat well can be the gateway to opening up the rest of your life. Being healthy isn’t ever the end goal, it’s just the beginning.

I’m so excited to create some new positive kitchen memories with you.

The Kitchen Saucery lowdown