Welcome to the Pre-course

Your new motto:

I am a badass in the kitchen

I can’t fuck this up


The PG friendly way to put it: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right” Henry Ford

The good news is

As far as Quantum Physics is concerned, the only meaning applied to anything is in the eye of the observer. That’s you, the observer, thinking you suck at cooking or have not time or in a Grade A certified crappy recipe rut.

Humans give actions, events and experiences meaning by determining them good, bad, evil, wrong, right, happy, sad and everything in between.

The bad news (but also really really good news) is

Change your story. Change your experience.

  • What if you told yourself you did have time?
  • What if even when the kids are annoying and hungry all the time and seem to hate everything. You cooked food that excited you (and was within their capabilities to eat) without making it all about them.
  • What if when you had 20 minutes to get food on the table, you lowered your expectations and made it easy?

What are the stories on repeat in your head?

What do you tell yourself about cooking, feeding your family, being healthy, wanting healthy food, your budget for grocery shopping.

So much of cooking and being a confident, competent cook is in our heads.

Open up the notes section of your phone and write these ideas down.

I can guarantee you, if you’re starting a meal loathing the experience, nothing magical is going to happen. This is why I love to tell you to cook what you’re excited to eat. Instead of starting a meal scared, stressed or overwhelmed.

We’re going in with a happy dance and a big ‘FUCK YEAH, I’M COOKING WITH HALOUMI’ (or whatever you love to cook with). Then we breath, get in the zone (play some tunes), have a crack and learn.

What do you tell yourself about cooking?

What do you believe about cooking?

Let’s begin by paying attention to what you tell yourself about cooking, feeding your family, being healthy, eating healthy food, your budget for grocery shopping, what your kids are willing to eat and anything else you can think of. So much of cooking and being a confident, competent cook is in your head.

ACTION: Open the notes section in your phone and write them down as they come up. 

You don’t need to do anything with these yet. But, when you cook from now on, I want you to say the Kitchen Saucery motto: I’m a badass in the kitchen and I can’t fuck it up. 

You’ll see this motto plastered around this site and in the sidebar. Write it out and stick it on your fridge if you like. 

I want you to begin to notice all the gunk in your head that’s getting in the way of you making a simple tomato and salami fettucine (or whatever it is).  Our words and thoughts are powerful and are more than enough to rail road the best intentions in the kitchen.


Don’t underestimate this exercise, it’s potent.

How to cook anything (in 4 simple steps)

This is it. These 4 steps is what I live by everyday. It’s what this course is built on.

There are enough recipes for days and days and days. Get a handle on your excuses, the fact you always have a choice, the way you cook and the way you critique yourself…

THEN allow the magic to happen.

The Pantry Guide


The Equipment Guide

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The Seasonal Eating Guide: Why is Cauliflower so expensive
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Listen: The Thing About Pantries