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How to eat what you want and be happy

I speak to so many women who want to ‘eat well’ but just feel stuck in the cycle. Day 1 – great going well. A slip on day 2 or day 3 and then it’s all out the window. They want to know how to eat what you want and be happy. Does this sound like you?

When I returned from travelling I started a 10 day ‘detox’ and I was the same. It just didn’t work. As I reflected upon my trials, I realised the key to kicking this cycle was knowledge of what was actually healthy and my preparation.  Things like – finding a yoghurt that still tastes great, but isn’t full of sugar. Or knowing that a packet of crisps that say WHOLEGRAIN are actually still complete and utter junk. 

The second half of this was my preparation. Meal planning, cooking in bulk and buying what I need to get me through the week.

As I made it through my 10 days. I felt great. I had energy, woke up before my alarm, my mind was clear and over a few months I dropped almost 10kg. I wasn’t even really exercising. I felt like a new person. That 10 days turned into a month and beyond. I did slip up everyone now and then, but when I did I felt sick. The food I used to eat just didn’t serve me anymore. Do you want to join the bandwagon and burst at the seems with energy?

I’m so happy to announce that tickets are on sale for the WHOLEFOODS COOKING DEMO. I’ve joined up with Bellicosi Wholefoods to give you real recipes that are easy to implement, the knowledge YOU need to kick your first 10 days and feel amazing just in time for summer and you will eat everything we make. This is an interactive session, bring your burning food/health/wellness questions and there’s a goodie bag filled to the brim of healthy goodies to get you started on your journey.

Follow this link to join us. Get in quick as spaces are limited.

I can’t wait to see you there.

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