If You Read One Article About Organic Food Deliveries – Read This One

Those who know me well know that I love to shop every now and again. I’m all about the user experience. How I’m treated in the store. Are the shop keepers friendly? If it’s a regular shop I visit, am I treated like a local? The knowledge they share about the produce, the smell of the produce, the colourful array of never ending meal opportunities. It’s all a positive experience for me. Organic food deliveries have always been the last thing on my mind.


Since I’ve decided that the fair majority of shops are chemical filled, unsustainable traps. I have started looking around for other options and this lead me to the farmers markets, an ultimate food haven. I have pin pointed my preferred supplier, I go there weekly to pick up essentials including some of the best eggs EVER. But there a some weekends I struggle to find the time to make it there and I have to say that the local supermercado will just not do.


The concept of organic food deliveries has always come across as a bit un natural. It lacks the shopper experience. You can’t select your favourite pears out of the bunch. You can’t smell the fresh herbs. You can’t see the rainbow of colours. Why would anyone want to do this?  Then I found one producer – certified organic. But more often than not there was something missing from the order or stock would turn mouldy very fast. Not cool. When you’re paying top notch, you expect top notch. So I ditched them and searching for the next new thing I came across Ooooby (out of our own backyards). And it’s literally that.  Fresh local fruit and veg boxes are delivered on the same day every week. Meaning if my weekend plans go astray my clean eating habits don’t have to.

All produce is sourced direct from farmers. Not wholesalers.


The range is almost always from the Sydney area. This week everything was produced within 90km of Sydney. Ooooby even detail the farm the produce is from and the number of km’s from Sydney. This is what  honest local food is all about.


Can you remember the last time you thought about the actual farm your apples came from or the number of km’s its covered to make it to the shop you buy from?

Eating from local farms means you are eating with the season you are living in. Which is exactly what our bodies need. Right now it’s all about leafy greens galore, broad beans, mushrooms, beetroot, the longer legs of citrus and juicy berries.

As we enter the summer months we want crisp, juicy, water based foods that cool our body down and relieve the summer heat – Cucumber anyone?


Ooooby offers a true seasonal eating experience.  To top it off all produce is biodynamic, chemical free or organic. For $38 you are offered a range of 5-6 veg options and 2-3 fruit varieties that change on a weekly basis. You also have the option to swap produce out for another item.

It’s not a massive delivery but a great base to start with. If its a busy week and I’m out for meals. I don’t have to worry about a fridge full of produce spoiling. If I’m having a quieter week, its a perfect amount to get me through the week.

Each week I’m so excited to receive my new parcel, with a handwritten note and 2 freebie recipes included giving you creativity to experiment with your produce.


In a nutshell, Ooooby is awesome. I urge you to check them out.  Tell them Lunch Lady Lou sent you.


What is your experience with organic food deliveries? Have you tried it? Or is there a reason you don’t?

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