The One and Only Summer Dreaming Pina Colada Smoothie

Like a lot of my recipes, this smoothie was accidental. A trip to the markets ended up with an enthusiastic purchase of a few pineapples, followed by an ‘add pineapple to everything’ week of experimentation. It was FUN.

I really love how easy this recipe is. Like all smoothies, make ahead for a grab and go snack on the run. 


pina colada smoothie


  • 1 coconut (water and flesh)
  • 1 cup chopped pineapple
  • 1 lime, remove skin – you can add zest too for an extra lime zing


  1. Crack your coconut – turn coconut on its side and shave off outer husk around the dome section
    Stop when you hit the next harder layer
  2. With the heel (bottom) of your knife, gently tap around the dome section
    Aim for the bottom of the dome until it cracks
    NOTE – you don’t need to use force here, be gentle and consistent
    The key is tapping the knife in the correct spot, you know you are hitting the correct spot as it feels weak and hollow
  3. Continue tapping until the shell breaks
    Use the heel of the knife to lever the top off
  4. Pour juice into blender
  5. Scoop out flesh, add to blender
  6. Chop skin off your pineapple and chop into pieces, add to blender along with 1 lime
  7. Blend on high until smooth
  8. OPTIONAL:  For a cooler drink, add 1/2 cup ice – For a twist, add mint

pina colada smoothie


















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