An epic list of all the awesome products I use in my home and kitchen


a list of products I stand behind and personally use, daily.

I believe what we choose to buy is our vote for the world we want to live in. I choose to stock my pantry and fridge with these products and I know they play a huge part in:

    • Making it easier for me to cook and create meals easily
    • How great my food tastes
    • Super loading my meals with the best nutrients possible


They’re all small businesses and are doing great things in the world, from ethically working with farmers growing organic/chemical free produce, to simply having a business ethos to do good in the world. 


When we feed ourselves better and educate our kids on how to take care of themselves, the whole world changes.


HEADS UP: Some of the products listed below are affiliate links. This means when you click the link to purchase I may receive commission. I only share products I believe in and use daily – you’ll see me using these on my social media and likely images on this site. 

Pantry, fridge and freezer

Ooooby Sydney

$20 off your first box with code LUNCHLADYLOU

The vegetable delivery service we’ve been using since 2013. I wake up on Wednesday morning to a box brimming with quality produce, picked from the ground days earlier from small producers within the Sydney Basin.

These guys are great, they also stock a range of grocery items like Honest to Goodness, Church Farm, Mulloon Creek Eggs, Shiralee Organic Meats.

So I can shop with the one provider and all my grocery and meat needs arrive on my doorstep.

A pile of loose green lentils on a plate, showing bulk package free grocery items from Honest to Goodness


Honest to Goodness

Wholefood pantry heaven

You can choose from Organic, chemical free or standard products.

If you’re looking to stock your pantry, clear it out or overhaul it, Honest to Goodness is the place to purchase and for inspiration.

If you sign up with a wholesale account, the minimum order is $500 but you get a great discount off the RRP.

Plus when you buy in bulk, you’re saving landfill by buying bigger quantities and using less plastic.

San Elk stock powder

Small batch, crap free and filled with goodness.

Produced in Melbourne by a small family business with young kids who care about what they eat.

Imparts such a delicious flavour to everything I add it to. These powders are made from vegetables and meat. Plus they have a Low FODMAP product, vegetarian, chicken and beef.

I used this product in my catering dishes religiously, especially during soup season. Instant yum.


Best of the Bone collagen powder

Collagen = helping digestive symptoms such as leaky gut

Collagen is the building blocks of our gut lining and is required for smooth digestion. This product has been a big part of our journey of healing BJ’s food sensitivities and eczema (along with probiotics, removing foods that were triggering symptoms and a wholefoods diet).

Every morning I’d made a ‘special water’ with collagen, probiotics and occasionally zinc.

** this isn’t personalised health advice **

A pile of loose green lentils on a plate, showing bulk package free grocery items from Honest to Goodness


Herbs, spices, sugar, salt

To be honest, I had a baby and forgot all about the magic of Gewurzhaus. I discovered them on a lunch time wander through the Strand Arcade in the Sydney CBD at least 10 years ago now. I think they’d be open 1 day and I fell in love.

They have the most beautiful, curated and delicious selection of herbs and spices.

To me, an amazing spice blend is an easy breezy dinner time essential ingredient. Like: speedy spag bol, their amazing curry blends and the garlic blend.

Their products are also the kind of gifts I like to give (if I haven’t made my own handmade foodie gifts).

Kitchen equipment




Solid Teknics

The best cookware going around.

The day I found Solid Teknics my life changed. I was so sick of spending hundreds on pans that broke within years.

I believe in quality and I will happily fork out the cash to buy once and well.

These pans are non-stick via you creating a seasoning. Which is you cooking in oil. That’s it. The seasoning doesn’t wear off over time, it only builds and gets better PLUS you avoid the toxic chemicals we know they use to create synthetic non-stick surfaces.



A quality product that walks its talk. There is no substitution.

I believe almost every house hold could benefit from having this in their kitchen.

In my eyes, it’s worth the money 10 times over. But that comes with a catch, you have to want to cook. I don’t believe it solves the problem of laziness or having no drive to get into the kitchen.

I’ll be honest that I don’t cook many meals in it. I use mine to mill flour/nuts/seeds, blend, make sauces, jam, knead dough, nut milks, steam veggies, chop and grate veggies, cook rice.

I bought mine second hand and this model is over 10 years old now (or close to it). I will buy another one and I know I’ll be inclined to cook more meals in it.


This list is updated regularly and I have more products and recommendations are on the way.


nutrition education



 Oh Baby Academy

 Oh Baby runs courses in all things pregnancy, postpartum and baby nutrition.

I took this course out of personal interest so I knew how to nourish myself after birth and to help transition BJ to his first meals. I guess I had an inkling that it would somehow integrate into my business as it naturally merged toward healthy meals for families. But what I learnt in this course was beyond valuable, especially when dealing with BJ’s food sensitivities and eczema.

I’m so passionate about sharing what I learnt in this course and this knowledge is integrated into my postpartum meal prep course – Prep Before You Pop. I’m yet to share my knowledge in the weaning and babies first foods space, but it’s on the way. 

Check out Oh Baby.



Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

IIN runs a Health Coach Training Program for 12 months.

This is the place to go if you’re interested in levelling up your nutrition, food and lifestyle knowledge. It may be for personal interest or you may want to integrate the knowledge of health, food and coaching into your business. 

I originally took the IIN course to integrate what I knew about food and health into my healthy lunch delivery and catering business. 

Check out the free sample class.


This list is updated regularly and I have more products and recommendations are on the way.