The 4 key ingredients to winning meals every night of the week

There’s no secret one of the biggest challenges in life – especially when you feel like you didn’t get ‘the cooking gene’ is feeding yourself. Every night. Every week. For a bloody long time.


And thinking of new meal ideas.

And actually cooking the meal well. To everyone’s liking. In a reasonable amount of time.

And make it healthy and budget friendly. Is this too much to ask?

It can feel like an impossible task when you add in the rest of your life. After all this cooking thing should only take 30 minutes or so a night, shouldn’t it?


Today I’m sharing the 4 key ingredients to winning meals every night of the week.


HINT: It’s not roasting a chicken (although that’s great). It’s not even many trays of roasted veggies (although that’s great too). Or the best eggplant dip goin’ around.

These 4 ingredients intersect every meal you cook and are the reason you enjoy cooking… or don’t.

They’re the reason you can meal plan and meal prep… or can’t.

They’re the reason cooking feels fun, enjoyable and effortless… or not.

And they’re definitely the reason you can open the fridge or pantry and whip up a meal with what you have without a recipe… or not.

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Hey I'm Lou

Hey, I’m Lou

Lover of crispy bacon, homemade popcorn and Mama to BJ.  I’m here to empower you to cook delicious and doable meals for the modern day – even when you’re busy.

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