Baby Food

Healthy Baby Food Recipe Ideas

Healthy baby food recipe ideas to help you introduce solids to your baby. Including baby meal ideas, baby-led weaning, puree’s. These recipes are healthy wholefoods only.

My name is Lou and I’m a Certified Nutrition Consultant specialising in Baby Nutrition and Postpartum Nutrition. I’m also a Health Coach. I coach new Mum’s in their kitchen and help them set up wholefood pantries, teach foundational nutrition (that every home needs to know) and help you cook from scratch with confidence.

So you know you’re always feeding your family the best food and won’t fall for any packaged marketing lies.

Within these pages, you’ll find family-friendly recipes that are simple to make and delicious. Enjoy.

The Meal Matrix Recipe Inspiration for 3 Lifetimes

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The Meal Matrix Recipe Inspiration for 3 Lifetimes

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