Bircher Muesli


Reader Question: All About Bircher Muesli

Dear Lou,

Please share your bircher muesli recipe. I do love a good one, but never seem to be able to get the mix of creamy and acid/juice right

Rae x

Great question Rae. But before I get into it, I do have a confession. I like my bircher....creamy fruity crunchy easy to make with a hint of cinnamon or vanilla (or both) always in the fridge ready to roll at breakky time.

I think we're agreeing so far. But I don't really like any citrus in my bircher at all. Here's the thing, I've only just figured this out. Since I discovered this new way to 'bircher' - which if you asked me even 2 months ago how I made it, my answer would have been completely different to now (and involved citrus), my breakfast time experience has totally changed.Now I know the secret ingredient to a perfectly creamy, quick to make bircher muesli, with lots of flavour. I used to think that token OJ or citrus added flavour. I guess it does, actually it definitely does. But you know what else it adds (for me) - the equivalent of nails on a blackboard for my teeth! The feeling is weakening, it makes it hard to even take a full mouthful of beautiful bircher. Citrus + dairy = not LLL's friend. But if you'd like to add citrus - don't let my sensitive teeth rant stop you from adding it!

My suggestion would be to add 2-3 tablespoons of your chosen citrus to the recipe below. My rule of thumb is to keep it to a minimum.

But it brings up a relevant food waste question. What will you do with the leftover orange? Eat it? To me, it seems like a lot of effort for only 2-3 tablespoons. Even better would be adding the zest, this adds a deeper flavour without the citrus texture and watery effect. 

Now onto my new secret ingredient It's water.

Why would you put water in your cereal? It sounds bland, boring and soggy. Well, that's at least what I would have proclaimed. I was convinced I needed more flavour in my bircher in the form of a nut milk or real milk or citrus. But the thing is, this new found creaminess from adding water has blown my mind. It just works. It's like its a carrier for the yoghurt and softens the oats so well too. Life changed. Enjoy.

Bircher Muesli