My non-negotiable flavour bombs for delicious quick meals


My non-negotiable flavour bombs for delicious quick meals are what keeps my kitchen moving on a daily basis. These quick flavour toppers save my bacon when it comes to making healthy, simple and delicious recipes that are quick to cook.

I believe we over complicate cooking, enormously.

I believe we all know how to cook. Simply because, we’ve eaten our whole life, 3 times a day.

I believe we second guess ourselves every step of the way because we’re too scared to get it wrong, like it ‘means something’.

I believe if we trusted our tastebuds, they would never lie.

I believe if we followed what flavours we loved and were excited to eat, it makes cooking easier, faster and so much more delicious.

Introducing my non-negotiable flavour bombs..

A flavour bomb is something you can keep in your fridge and use as a quick flavour booster for your meals.

My flavour bombs are: Sheep’s milk cheese⁣, semi-dried tomatoes⁣, green Sicilian olives, coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit, lemon, good quality salt, garlic / ginger, good quality olive oil, a delicious home-made dip, dukkhah, toasted nuts or seeds, smoked trout…. to name a few.

These are ingredients that are ready to go, at the drop of a hat and all I need to do is open the fridge / pantry and grab them. ⁣

Then I’m really only a handful of greens, a few roasted veggies, some shredded chicken (or meat or egg) and a good lug of olive oil away from meal time.


For this reason alone, this is why I prep ingredients and not meals.

If you prep a meal, say, baked chicken curry, you’ll have a big batch of that, but nothing else for the week. This can be good or bad, depending, but what we want to achieve here is many things you can pick and choose from throughout the week and then create a meal from there. This option is great when you’re starting out on your cooking journey, flexing your kitchen muscles and you don’t have a lot of time. It means you can prep your ingredients in a short amount of time and have maximum use throughout the week.

Here are a few prep ideas:

Then draw on these throughout the week to make the meals you need.

Don’t forget, you could make a big batch and freeze too! Grab my Cool.Pack.Store guide here.

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Scared you’re going to stuff the recipe up?

The only guarantee in cooking and in life, when you’re learning a new skill, the puzzle pieces won’t make sense. You will feel like you’re flailing and failing. You will feel like you’re going nowhere for a good few weeks, then all of a sudden, you’ll burst through. You’ll cook the perfect roast chook, a perfect pot of quinoa, crispy roasted potato chips, a kick arse roasted veggie dip – and for a moment in time, you’ve nailed it.

Watch out though, the next lesson is just around the corner.
Trying to avoid it will get you nowhere. Embrace it.


Hey I'm Lou

Hey, I’m Lou

Lover of crispy bacon, homemade popcorn and Mama to BJ.  I’m here to empower you to cook delicious and doable meals for the modern day – even when you’re busy.

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