Mostly related to movies yes. But the junk they’re selling at those cinemas isn’t even worth touching. Think back to my post last week about swapping – popcorn fits right in here.

Swap microwave popcorn, for popcorn kernels that you pop yourself.

In my life popcorn was and still is a part of so much more than movie time.  Mum would religiously make a bowl as a snack after school.  She had her special small pot that made a perfect amount. The pot even had a dent in one side, she dropped it – while making popcorn.  The lid didn’t fit on properly, which is ironic because you need a great fitting lid to make it. But it worked perfectly.The day she threw the pot out I was actually a little hurt. Maybe even devastated. Call me crazy? HELL YIZ! Crazy about popcorn.Now let’s get into this. 1. I’m not talking about microwave popcorn. It’s expensive, full of chemicals, tastes bad and the list goes on.2. Popcorn IS healthy. It’s all about your combination. Think about your oil, salt and spice selection.3. It’s not just for movie time. A small portion of popcorn is nutritious, filling and of course delicious.4. You’ll find the kernels right next to the microwave stuff in your local Supermarket.  That’s in the chippy/crisp isle.6. The most unhealthy thing about popcorn is your portion size. It’s so easy to underestimate how much those kernels make.  Try 1 tablespoon of kernels, pop and assess from there. The worst thing that can happen is that you have to make more. And no-one complains about that.7. It’s known the have once of the highest level of polyphenols of any plant food (including most fruit). Polyphenols are a good chemical found in plant foods, that act like an antioxidant does. They reduce or neutralise free radicals is the body, which have been known to damage your cells, cause cancer and promote the aging process. 

Popcorn (the old fashioned way)


  • 1 tablespoon of popcorn kernels

  • 1 tablespoon of good olive oil/coconut oil/butter/ghee

  • ¼ teaspoon salt – I use Himalayan Sea Salt. You can use Sea Salt.

  • ½ teaspoon of cumin – optional, but highly recommended

  • Small pot with a lid


  1. Heat pot over high heat

  2. Add oil/butter of your choice – the oil MUST cover the bottom of the pan. All oil/butter must melt and be warm to hot before adding next ingredients

  3. Add cumin and popcorn kernels and place lid on pot

  4. The popping will increase rapidlyIt’s ready when there’s less than 1 pop per 2 seconds

  5. Sprinkle with a dash of salt

  6. Eat immediately or take to work to share with your work friends

Warning – if using butter, turn the heat down to medium. Butter burns easier than oil. 

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