Vietnamese Chicken Salad… the Lunch Lady Lou way

When I lived in London, I lived in a place called Bethnal Green. Our place was right near a canal, with a cool outdoor pub and just up the road was a park. Near that park was a pub and it served ‘Wild Boar sausages’. I’ll never forget the day we went in there to eat dinner and Pierre exclaimed “What’s the difference between wild boar and non-wild boar?  Who decides what’s wild or not?” I still don’t really know the answer to that question, maybe it’s a particular type of breed. If anyone knows hit reply and tell me please. What’s all this got to do with a noodle salad from Vietnam? Well the hype can often lie in the name like those Wild Boar sausages, that just turned out to be some overcooked bangers and sloppy mash on a plate.

But this here Vietnamese Chicken Salad the Lunch Lady Lou way is different. The deliciousness is in the amount of herbs and lime you dare to use. The more the merrier.  

Vietnamese Chicken Salad




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