These homemade salmon fritters have been making my life easier these past few months. We’re getting a dose of Omega 3’s and DHA for brain health, a good hit of veggies. Best of all, BJ loves them and they’re making an easy on-the-go lunch.

Fritters for the win!

How’s your fritter game? I’ve been making this recipe or something similar for a few months now. Alternating weekly and I have to say, they’re saving my lunch stress.

I’ve been a ‘make individual ingredients gal’ for a long time. I explain it all of this in my free ebook Get Your Sh*t Together – I rarely have a full meal prepped and ready. I’ll have 50% done, with finishing touches required (usually adding ferments or similar from the fridge.

Now I have a little person to answer for, he doesn’t always jive with ‘Lou time’ for lunch o’clock. I’ve been pushed for time with our daily big walk and park play and back in time to feed him for his nap.

If I’m honest, I struggle remembering to take lunch with us and his shoes too. Mum of the year over here.

Enter Salmon Fritters and a few other recipes I’ll be sharing soon.

These fritters are:

  • Easy to make

  • Full of veggies

  • Egg free

  • Dairy free

  • Could easily be gluten free (use a GF flour)

  • Sturdy and won’t fall apart in little hands

  • Provides an Omega 3, DHA boost that your brain (and little brains) will love. Plus vitamin D3 and B12

  • Don’t contain any dodgy ingredients

  • Versatile – I make them in fritter form, or like the photo as one big pancake. Both are great. I think the pancake is my favourite because it requires even less effort

  • Freezable – if it’s getting toward the end of the week and we haven’t eaten them all, I freeze them for later and they’re just as good thawed and heated up to crispy.

Mix it up with these substitutions

  • Mix up the veggies. I’d always keep 1 potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, swede or parsnip though. As there’s no eggs in this recipe this is the binder.

  • Add spices. 1 tbsp smokey paprika would be nice. So would a mix of cumin, turmeric and coriander.

  • Fresh coriander and shallot. Would be delicious and add an Asian vibe.

Salmon Fritters

Time: 45 minutes. 10 minutes prep (depends how fast you chop) and 35 minutes cooking

Makes: Around 15 fritters or 2 large ones


  • 2 cups cooked veggies. This equals about 2 large potatoes, 2 medium carrots grated and 1/2 cup peas.

  • 1 tin (around 300g) tinned wild salmon in spring water. I drain the water and rinse the salmon. More on this below

  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup flour

  • 1 onion, chopped finely

  • 4 garlic cloves, grated on a microplane

  • 1 tbsp dried herbs

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Olive oil


  1. For the veggies – I steam or roast the potatoes or hard vegetables first.
    I usually steam as this is a lot quicker, but just keep this in mind if you have leftover roasted veggies, throw them in this recipe.
    Reserve softer veggies like peas, which can cook in the pan.

  2. Transfer to a bowl and mash with a fork to create a smooth-ish consistency.

  3. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Taste test or give it a sniff – does it taste / smell nice to you? Adjust flavour as you need to, this could be some extra salt, pepper, spices.

  4. COOK IN PAN: Cook in a pan on medium heat with 1 tbsp (ish) of olive oil.
    Scoop batter into fritter shape into pan. I usually use about 1 tbsp of mixture, to keep them quite small and they cook a lot faster.
    COOK IN OVEN: Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Heat an oven proof pan on medium heat on stove with 1 tbsp olive oil Scoop half of mixture into frying pan and spread out toward edges. Cook for 3 minutes to help brown the pan side of the fritter. Don’t try to flip it, it’s too wet. Use a pastry brush to coat the top side with oil (this will help it crisp up). Pop in oven and cook for about 15 minutes. I guess the thing to remember here is your veggies are cooked, everything in the batter is cooked (minus peas which cook very fast). So this process is about getting some colour and crispy action in your fritter (my favourite things).

  5. Remove from oven and chop into quarters.

  6. Serve as is, as a snack or with a big old fresh green salad as a sturdier meal.


These salmon fritters will last a good 3 days in the fridge.

Freeze the remnants if you don’t think you’ll get to them and thaw as required.

Make a double batch to freeze. Fritters can be fiddly work, so this will save you extra time.

Why drain and rinse your salmon

If you’re an adult, or not cooking for kids under 2, you can skip this step.

I do this because tinned salmon has a high salt content and kids under 2 aren’t meant to have much additional salt in their diet. This is what I’ve learnt during my Nutrition for babies education.

Although the recommendations on this are being questioned lately, if you’re interested you could read this piece.

I’m at a place where I offer BJ food with salt in it as sodium is an important mineral for the body, I just make sure it’s not too much and I’m mindful of the source of the sodium.



There’s plenty more where that came from. Browse more recipes in the Recipe Library or here:



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