The Seven Cee's Salad


The Seven Cee's Salad

Yahuh! I'm sharing it. A recipe that has graced the LLL weekly lunch delivery menu for such a long time because... everybody loves it.

The idea is pretty simple really. I had a bunch of veggies in my fridge that seemed to all start with 'C'. And because it's all about 'the name' when naming a new menu THE SEVEN CEE's was born and launched during the old Secret Salad Thursday.  Secret Salad Thursday's was a day dedicated to my creative cooking and Lunchers received a new invention that hadn't been cooked before. They put the 'lunch trust' in my hands, which is a huge privilege and something I don't take lightly. These Secret Salad's were more often than not a new favourite and for good reason. It ties in with exactly what Lunch Lady Lou is all about.  Cooking from the heart, with fresh ingredients to create flavourful food that will make you feel happy and energised.


The Seven Cee’s Salad