A variety of food is not only exciting and healthy, let alone colourful. But there’s something even better (and very very cool) about using the same ingredient in different ways.I never used to look at boring old yoghurt like this. But over the past few years its risen to the top of my ‘really like to add to anything and everything list’.

Here are a few examples:

1. A quick dip to share with friends.

The lazy version of tzatziki. Mix a grated garlic clove with lemon, cucumber (seeds remove) and herbs with 1 cup of yoghurt. Serve with veggie sticks or some crackers.

2. Cheese! Yes cheese.

Labneh, is just so smart. Line a seive with cheese cloth and pour your yoghurt into the cheese cloth. Place seive on top of another bowl to drain the whey from the yoghurt. Keep the whey for smoothies and to preserve vegetables like sauerkraut. Using the whey will add an awesome boost of probiotics and culture to your creations – great for winter immunity.

3. Creamy up your soup.

I used to think the ONLY thing you could add to soup to make it creamy and delicious was sour cream. An ingredient that was rarely in my fridge and never seemed to get eaten before its used by date. Now I scoop a tablespoon of yoghurt and it does the job, if not better.

4. A sweet snack.

2 tablespoons of yoghurt – smashed berries – toasted coconut – magic. 


Hey I'm Lou

Hey, I’m Lou

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