How to Roast a Perfect Chicken Every Time

How to Roast a Perfect Chicken Every Time

Last Thursday I spent an hour chatting to a really cool group. Each month their company hosts wellness sessions. From the first phone chat I had with the organiser I could tell that their company really cared, really wanted an engaging and valuable session and that it would be a really cool place to work. On top of all of that they wanted to run the type of wellness sessions that their staff actually wanted to attend. 
We talked about habits and the small changes you can make to your day/weekly plan that yield big results when it comes to eating and cooking. I love watching the ‘AHA moments’ on peoples faces when they realise something is so much easier than what they’ve been building up in their head.
You know, that ‘thing’ that you put off doing for soon long? You stressed about it, lost sleep over it and gave it way too much airplay in your mind that it exhausted you.  Then you finally take the plunge to do it, emerging from the other side thinking ‘that wasn’t so bad, why the heck did I worry so much’.
It’s crazy how much this happens and these sometimes unnoticed patterns control every area of our life without even realising. Truth is, I was one of those people that did this with everything everything… everything.  But the more I chat to people its becoming clear that cooking is one of those areas that its happening in way too much. 
I was chatting about roasting a chicken. Utilising your freezer to freeze portions and if you’re a person cooking meals for one, this one bird could last you between 8-10 meals.
This means, if you usually cook chicken once a week, you’ll have chicken available for the next 8 weeks without having to cook from scratch every single time. You’ll most likely halve your cooking time every night – doesn’t that make cooking so much more attainable and easy… and quick?
Let me repeat that:

You’ll have chicken ready to go for the next 8 weeks without having to cook from scratch every single time – saving lots of time.

Insert life changing ‘AHA moment’. 


Roast The Perfect Chicken 

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