Crowd Pleasers! Status = Kitchen Wizard

Crowd Pleasers! Status = Kitchen Wizard

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A GUIDE TO COOKING FOR GUESTS. Whether it’s your folks, your lover, your friends. I’m teaching you the mindset that goes with a simple delicious recipe.

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Welcome to nailing a dinner party without sweating bullets.

Without burning down the kitchen and having to order takeaway.

Without giving your guests food poisoning.

Without having a meltdown leading up to your guests arriving.

Without spending all night in the kitchen, not actually talking and socialising with your guests.

In this guide I give you:

  • The secret to hosting a stress-free dinner party

  • 14 delicious recipes for creating a dinner party meal that your guests will LOVE - they’ll think you’re a kitchen legend

  • My sneaky tips for impressive dishes that actually take zero time to put together

  • What to do with fussy eaters

Crowd Pleasers! was created for the person who reaaaaally wants to have their friends over. You love socialising and know the value of doing it in the home over going out. You really just want to love the shizz out of your guests and enjoy once of those epic long nights around the table - where the ‘good booze’ comes out, there’s dancing and everyone gets along.

Although you don’t quite believe you’ve got what it takes. Scared you’ll burn the kitchen down. Unsure of what fancy meals you need and definitely don’t want it to take all day to prep and all night to clean up!


Crowd Pleasers! is 1 of 13 guides you get included in your ticket price for the Kitchen Saucery ecourse. To learn more about Kitchen Saucery head over here.