Learn the art of eating more veggies with style + sass + kitchen rebellion.

Consider this a foray in learning to incorporate more veggies into your life in a ridiculously delicious way..... is there any other way? For your tastebuds, health, wallet + the planet.

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VeggieREBEL will start 1 November.

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You + Me + The Veggies.

This isn’t a course in becoming a vegetarian (although it could be if you wanted to)

This is a course in expanding your vegetable vocabulary. Consider it a warm up to Summer Salad Season, Lou style.

Learn to work with the seasons and cook seasonal food.

Learn new cooking techniques to make exciting meals.

Learn to eat more veggies, make them exciting, memorable and moreish - while you’re at it, maybe you’d like to reduce your meat - but this isn’t a requirement. At all.

There’ll be meat involved too.

My food philosophy is: no diets, no stress, full flavour. This will be the essence of the course. To help you explore the world of vegetables and how to simply add more to your plate - without it feeling boring, constricted or starting WW3 in your house.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • We’ll cook together in a private Facebook group.

  • You’ll receive a recipe book with a bunch of recipes that will change your life and how you make your meals forevermore.

  • 4 x live classes with Lou.

  • Access to the VegetaREBEL online pantry - where all the course information and guides will be stored.

  • Lifetime access to this course, to revisit over and over and over again - at your leisure.