Have You Ever Been ‘Out Snacked’?

In my past life working in an office, the worst day was always the day someone ‘out snacked’ me.

You know, they turn up to work on a Monday morning with a cheesey grin (clearly something is up, its Monday).

They proudly place their additional calico bag on their desk and announce the tasty treat they’re savouring for morning tea. Their mums cousin’s baby turned 1 and their was a party and your desk buddy has leftover dip/cake/crackers/smokey bbq skewers/something awesome to munch on. Oh and there’s none for you.

You open your draw, hoping you have some leftover rice crackers from the week before but…. your draw is empty – not that a rice crackers is going to suffice during this Monday morning snack-o-war. 

So why are the snacks so important anyway?

Your in-between meals AKA snacks are just as important as your main meals. 

For a lot of us, if we skip the snack, the next meal will most likely be rushed, unsatisfying (in the long run) and not what we would have usually opted for. It can lead to feeling URGH, lethargic, craving a nap or just generally a bit brain scattered.

These are the effects of poor food choices. Which is why my bag and general surroundings have awesome snacks ready and waiting for me to devour during the work day.

Here are 5 that I am loving at the moment. Most you can collect from your local grocer on the way to work. 

Soft Boiled Eggs

Someone said to me the other day ‘if your boiled egg yolk is anything but soft and runny, there’s no point’. I could sometimes agree but there’s an extra element of fuss if its too runny. Plus if you’re on the run, do you want to risk the runny yolk and your possible limited supply of paper towel/hand wash facilities? This has happened to me before – train, me, runny egg, my clothes, no paper towel, no-where to hide.

eggs and dip


Can be more than just a piece of fruit, especially with the additional ‘specialty’ fruit stores popping up in the city. My favourites at the moment include; tiny apples (this is a Pixie Crunch) and ruby grapefruit. 

IMG_0967 IMG_1072

green Sicilian olives

More often than not, Sicilian olives make their way into my clients lunches. I never used to like olives, until I figured out that there are good olives and bad olives.

Bad olives are found in the middle of the supermarket, down the aisle with the olive oil and other cooking ‘stuff’. 

Good olives are in the deli. Usually kept in water, unless freshly marinated in olive oil, lemon and rosemary. Great for a hearty intake of good fats that will get you through to lunch or dinner. 



I posted this photo the other day on Instagram. It got a great response and for good reason.

Dates are the healthy persons sweet treat nowadays. Just be careful, there’s still a heft load of sugar in them. Depending who you talk to, they’re either good or bad. I say, like my general food philosophy – eat in moderation.  

Pictured below I’ve taken out the seed and replaced with nut butter and cacao nibs.


Beetroot chips 

You can make these fairly easily, slice your beets the same thickness (mandolins work well here) and bake in an oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. They will crisp up once removed from the oven. Be careful they don’t burn and go black – just like kale chips there’s a fine line between perfect and over done.

beet chips

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