Spring Feast

Spring-FEAST- Lunch-Lady_lou

Welcome to the Spring FEAST. 

At Lunch Lady Lou we’re all about filling up on the good stuff, not taking it away. 
We’ve all seen the chatter about Spring cleanse this and Spring cleanse that and you really really must cleanse, because if you don’t you’ll be ummmm ‘uncleansed’?
There are 4 things you can do to make Spring time healthier, happier, lighter and lovelier.
1. RALLY THE TROOPS, friends who eat together stay together.
2. EAT MORE COLOUR, this means your greens, your reds, your oranges. Eat food that is colourful and try to eat the rainbow everyday. Eat fruit that is coloured ALL the way through – think pineapple, kiwi, rockmelon.
3. GET OUTSIDE, absorb that Vitamin D and make it a habit.
4. JOIN THE SPRING FEAST and leave it to Lou. We have a new Spring menu and the best SPRING FEAST on offer – $11 lunches, $5 cold pressed juices, $5 brekky pots and $3 bliss balls.
Lunch Lady Lou is all things fresh and real food.
Delicious lunches made daily and delivered to your door daily.
 Spring-FEAST- Lunch-Lady_lou

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