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14 foods in your kitchen you can swap for a healthier alternative



Eating healthy is all about swapping not so healthy ingredients for something better. You don’t need a pantry over haul or to throw out everything and start again.

Start small and grow step by step. 

Small steps make big leaps. 

I’ve compiled this list from my old habits. Things I thought were doing me good but turns out were not. Have a read and see what you can swap out for something better.


  1. Margarine – instead buy BUTTER 

  2. White flour – instead buy WHOLEMEAL FLOUR

  3. Milk chocolate – instead buy DARK CHOCOLATE

  4. Dark chocolate – instead buy CACAO

  5. Peanuts – instead buy ALMONDS

  6. Pastuerised Milk – instead buy UNPASTUERISED MILK

  7. Cooking oil – instead buy COCONUT OIL

  8. Bottled juice – instead buy/make FRESHLY SQUEEZED

  9. Fried eggs – instead buy/cook POACHED OR BOILED

  10. Packet muesli – instead buy OATS or make HOMEMADE BIRCHER MUESLI

  11. Flavoured yoghurt – instead buy NATURAL or GREEK YOGHURT

  12. Soft drink – instead buy COCONUT WATER or WATER

  13. Coffee – instead buy or make your own HERBAL TEA  

  14. Microwave popcorn – instead buy POPCORN KERNELS



I challenge you to make a swap this weekend. Leave a COMMENT below and share with the LLL community what you plan to swap.


Peace, love and popcorn




4 Responses to 14 foods in your kitchen you can swap for a healthier alternative

  1. I work from home & if is late afternoon & after you have had your green tea. Nothing is better than a bowl of popcorn. Forget the trans. fat potato chips, they are easy but so is the popcorn. Made with love of course.
    Give yourself some of that love today.

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