What everybody ought to know about the benefits of a healthy diet and a great lunch

You are what you eat, are you a salty bag of pale oily chips or a rainbow of awesomeness?

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We’ve all heard this before. 

Health promoting ads on the TV: “You are what you eat.”

Your parents: “You are what you eat.”

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals: “You are what you eat. 

Lunch Lady Lou: You are what you eat, are you a salty bag of pale oily chips or a rainbow of awesomeness?

And there’s  a reason for this. Because….

I know. I’m sounding repetitive. 

But it’s true.

You need to fuel your body everyday and the right fuel is so so important. The benefits of a healthy diet and a great lunch far outweigh the minor amount of discomfort some of you may feel about taking this first step. 

And know this.

The first step is always the hardest.

That very first step puts us into the place of ‘the unknown’, the place of ‘uncertainty’ and leaves us feeling vulnerable.

Vulnerability isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually the perfect radar for knowing that we are living, we are making choices and we’re 1 step closer to figuring things out.

A few stats for you on food

  • The average person eats 3 times a day. 
  • That’s 21 meals in a week. 
  • Or 91 meals per month.
  • Or 1092 meals per year!

That’s a heck of a lot of food. When you break it down, what percentage of your food intake would fit into these categories?

– Top quality, healthy, plant based, balanced.

80% ‘good food’ 20% ‘not so good’ (remember, we all need balance here). 

– OK (ish), but room for improvement

50% ‘good food’ 50% ‘not so good’ 

– Mostly ‘not so good’


Now be honest here and take note of where you’re at. I dare say for the majority of us, we’re not totally satisfied that we’re eating to fuel our health, energy or overall potential. 

For me.. health isn’t the destination. It’s only the starting point for living a life that I love. You may or may not know my story – I’ll write about it in more detail soon I promise. But since my story began, I now know that the right food fuels me.

A healthy diet puts me in the right frame of mind.

A healthy diet gives me the energy I need to do the work that I do, which can be relentless at times.

A healthy diet aligns me with the message I’m putting out into the world. 

A healthy diet is only just the beginning. 

I just want to add a disclaimer to this blog post first. I find (yes I still find this) it’s really easy to read posts in the health space that come across preachy. Like the person writing it is holier than thou.  They aren’t.  I’m not.

I want you to know that isn’t my stance. I’m writing this to show a different perspective on what is a super tricky subject that we ALL struggle with.  Yes me too!!  And that’s OK. 

I’m sharing this because I believe in always striving to be better than the day before. Because we ALL have room for improvement and we all struggle with these seemingly difficult tasks that are more complicated then some authors give us credit for. 

But most of all because I believe the day I stop learning or striving to see a change in the world is the day I die. 

As  Albert Einstein put it so eloquently –  

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Or as Gandhi said –

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I spent quite a few years stuck. Half of my 20’s actually. Stuck in a cycle that was very much doing more harm than good.  I was convinced (on a surface level) that my ‘Ground Hog Day’ life was the best I could do. But deep down, I knew that my efforts were poor, that my priorities were out of order and my intuition was screaming for a change. The scream was deafening but it all seemed to hard and I didn’t have the knowledge to make a change and so I quietened it out.. with food and alcohol and an early 20’s lifestyle. Really though, I was scared. 

Scared to make a change. Scared that it would work. Scared to be out of my comfort zone. Scared. Scared. Scared. 

I think that’s a pretty big deal right there. I thought I didn’t have the knowledge to make a change.  I totally did. I just didn’t believe in myself or back myself for the tiny moments of being uncomfortable and breaking the change to see it through. 

Read on, apply the lessons, take one step at a time and remember I’m here.  Get in touch if you have a question.

Let’s say, it’s time to buy a new car. You’ve dug deep into your savings. Savings that could have been put to good use elsewhere (hello end of season sales). But the shopaholic in you squirrelled away your pennies, knowing that a new car investment felt right.

You collect the car. The colour is so bright and stunning. The wheels are shiny and new and you’re ready to jump in and hit the road. You open the door and that ‘new car smell’ hits you.   “ohhh yeah, this is the real deal’.  You instantly feel a million dollars richer, hoping that a few extra passers by notice your shiny new wheels while you’re stopped at the lights. 

Then comes the time, the petrol is getting low and you pull into the ’servo’ for a refill. After all, once that tank hits empty you won’t be making a move anywhere. 

You stand at the petrol bowser glancing over the different classes of petrol you can buy.  E10, 91, 95 or 98.  Part of you wants to take the E10, it’s so cheap! But you think twice knowing you want longevity, performance and value from all the hard earned money you’ve invested in this car.

Can we relate this back to you for a second?  The car is YOU. The petrol is YOUR FOOD and thrown in there for good measure is your will power, your longevity, your performance and your value. 

It’s a fact. 

You are what you eat, are you a salty bag of pale oily chips or a rainbow?


Your body on good food: AKA the benefits of a healthy diet and a great lunch

A healthy diet has both short- and long-term positive effects on your body, your mind and your overall performance in this game of life. 

  • Better concentration 
  • Happier mood
  • Boosts your energy
  • Clearer skin
  • Reduces cravings
  • A balanced steady weight
  • Improves longevity and can add years to your life expectancy
  • Keeps you looking youthful 
  • You can dodge big health bullets such as, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and obesity. 
  • Immune boosting. Providing protection against colds, flu’s and other bugs.
  • An important step in the act of self love. Self love = taking care of you. A practice a lot of us have let slip. 
  • The feeling of accomplishment – YAY you’ve done something for yourself! It’s time to celebrate.



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