The Meal Matrix is a free downloadable guide to help you create effortless meal ideas and flavour combinations

See ya later recipe ruts. Hello recipe inspo to last 3 lifetimes

Introducing The Meal Matrix

Never ask “What the F*ck is for dinner” again. In this guide you’ll unlock recipe inspiration to last you 3 lifetimes. It’s a mix and match system utilising your pantry and what you have on hand, to help you begin cooking without a recipe (if you wish to) and cook faster, simpler more delicious meals.


7,268,184 meal ideas …. to be exact

▷ A mini flavour guide, so you can instantly level up the yum factor of your cooking and stop overthinking what ingredients go with ‘dill’ and get on with it

▷ 9 meal ideas (from 3 feature ingredients) and recipes, showing you how this works in real time

Permission that you and your family are worth it and home cooking matters

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hey, I’m lou
Mama to BJ, Kitchen Coach (and wannabe Nonna), lover of crispy bacon and 27 degree days where I can leave the house without a jacket. I help busy mums like you to ease the cooking burden and reclaim their Kitchen Mojo.

So you can have the confidence and knowledge to feed your family healthy nourishing meals and never ever ever ever feel disempowered in the kitchen again. Ever.


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