Unhealthy foods to avoid at lunchtime

FoodsToAvoidAtLunchLunch. We eat it everyday and funnily enough eat 365 of them in a year. We should be fairly skilled at this lunch thing, but for some reason, some of us just can’t quite get the hang of it.

We attempt to BYO, we forget it. We attempt to buy something healthy and get side-swiped by the pork crackling roll. Or worst of all, we are ‘too busy to eat’. We know how we feel after these foods, not great, but we persist thinking it will change.

There is a bright side to this blog post though. Change IS closer than you think and step 1 is knowing the worst foods to eat at lunch.

The leftover morning tea from your meeting

Most likely high in sugars and refined white flour. This does nothing for ‘filling you up’ and everything for your lack of concentration.

Pre-made wraps and sambo’s that are ‘all bread’ and not too much filling

They lure you in with the ‘quick lunch’ flirt and all you get is bread, a tiny bit of meat and less fresh vegetables. You know the ones I mean.

Takeaway foods

Unfortunately chip sandwiches are out. So are burgers and pizza.  They’re greasy, made from processed foods, high in the wrong kinds of fat. Your body has to work super hard to figure out what to do with the ‘food’, that it doesn’t recognise as food. You’ll get tired, moody and won’t be able to concentrate. This will make you grab for the Charity Chocolate Box.

Food that gives you more for your money

Like the 3pm food court cheap lunch special– pre-prepared food that has been laying out for hours or days, crawling with buy-one-get-1 million-free microbes.


It pains me to write this. I love sushi too. The rice vinegar they use to bind the rice together is filled with some nasty sugar filled ingredients.  Opt for sashimi, miso soup or a soba noodle dish.

Your breakfast

Hey, I’ve been here. Consider me part slow eater, but mostly enthusiastic coffee drinker. Breakfast does just that – breaks your fast, the overnight fasting period of being asleep. To get going again, your body needs glucose and other essential nutrients to get ready and raring for the day ahead. Skipping breakfast will leave you ravenous by lunch and will lead you to poor lunch choices because you’re too hungry to make an informed decision. Skipping breakfast also leaves you open to afternoon snacking, because your body is playing catch up from missing a meal.

If you’re a regular offender of making it to lunchtime without eating, read the next point about coffee.


Granted you’ll feel full after having a large cup of coffee. Coffee suppresses your appetite.   You won’t feel full, but your brain and body are screaming for food.  When you finally realise your hungry, you’ll opt for whatever you can get because you’re getting HANGRY.

Spikey foods

High GI foods that give you a brief back-at-your-desk buzz as your sugar levels spike, and then cause you to slow. right. down. as your blood sugar bottoms out. Hello 3pm energy crash. Hello Charity Chocolate & Snack Box. High GI food culprits are: white breads, heavy potato dishes, heavy pasta dishes and anything high in sugar.

The Charity Chocolate Box – not lunch food. Not really food at all. Do yourself a favour and donate your money and run.

The week can sometimes be hard enough to get through without sabotaging yourself through your stomach. Give yourself a fighting fit chance by avoiding these ‘foods’ and fueling your body and mind with what they need.

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