How to Make Nut Milk

There’s something so crazy about blending nuts to create milk.

There’s a myriad of reasons why people do it from a dairy intolerance, to trying an elimination diet, becoming vegan, because cow’s milk is meant for calves….  or why I do it.

Because there’s something COOL + EMPOWERING about not having to go to the shops when you run out of milk.

OK so for some of you out there its a true crime to add nut milk to your coffee. But in Lunch Lady Lou’s eyes, its also a true crime to drink nut milk that’s pre-packaged (bar very few brands) AND if you make it right, it actually tastes nice maybe even life changing.

What is Nut Milk?

Nut Milk is…. Nuts + water. That’s it.

They’re blended together to make a ‘milk’. It’s not the milk you know and has nothing to do with cows. But it is white, looks like milk, is super creamy and a great alternative to regular ‘ol milk.It tastes like nuts and depending which nut you use they all taste different and have a different effect.

My favourite flavours are:

Macadamia milk – its new to my routine but it makes the creamiest and frothiest milk ever. You also don’t need to soak macadamia’s before making the milk or strain the milk once blended so its great when you’re in a rush.

Sesame seed milk – great if you’re heating up your milk. Sesame seed milk doesn’t seem to separate like other nut milks do. 

Cashew milk -I think it tastes great with coffee and you don’t need to strain it once blended.

Why do I drink nut Milk?

I still drink some dairy milk. I mix it up between Organic cows milk and goats milk. But I started drinking nut milk to mix it up. I first made almond milk, then I got a bit sick of having to strain the pulp so I moved on to cashew. Then a genius mentioned macadamia milk and I’m all for it. It blends up similar to a creamy cappuccino.

It’s easy to make and I like the taste. It works really well in smoothies and adds a nice base layer to create vibrant bright coloured creations.

almond milk2


[yumprint-recipe id=’6′]Do you make your own Almond Milk? Share your recipe with the LLL community in the comments below.


Peace, love and almonds

Lunch Lady Lou  


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