6 guides to help you bust your recipe rut,
move through your fear of burning down the kitchen
and remind you to be a human and have fun!

There are many places you could start with cooking. So many scour the recipe books in search of big, pretty, well style pictures. They spend hours finding ingredients and trying to cook one dish. It works, or it doesn't. Not totally the point. The point is they don't learn the process. They're so focussed in the following of the steps, gripping onto the recipe, reading it, walking away to make a marinade, forgetting, rereading the recipe and repeating this process over and over again.

A 60 minute cook time is blown out and before you know it, you've spent 6 hours cooking 1 meal with no real recollection of what you've done or how you could replicate it next time in a shorter amount of time.

This was my experience a few years ago. Cooking corn fritters, which I loved to make... it would drive my friends crazy. I just had no idea. You wouldn’t believe how far i've come since then, probably only 10 years ago. I learnt to cook. Started a catering business way before I was ready or skilled enough to do so. Succeeded fed Sydney, cooked for hundreds of people. 500 was the record in one delivery. All from LLL and her 2 cooks.

What I've learnt is we start wayyyy down the line.

It's like reading a book but opening it in the middle and expecting yourself to GET it. Understand it fully and completely - then being able to write an essay on it, deliver a TED talk and present it in front of thousands.


The deliciousness (and enjoyment) of food and cooking is hiding in plain sight, within the basics.

It's in building the confidence. Confidence in yourself that if things get busy, you can still make a meal from what's in your pantry. Yeahhh ok so it may not be Nigella standard (or maybe you’ll surprise yourself). That's cool, because you're just living your full life with lots of things going on and you didn't get a chance to do your meal prep ritual on the weekend. Totally fine. It’s edible, you tinkered in the kitchen, learnt that your rice ratio is solid, you can now do that with your eyes closed >>> and from this place the cooking process gets easier.

Speaking of meal prep. I hate that word.

What I've found (and my clients tell me), the beauty is setting this up as a ritual - it's not a go go go, achieve, prep, package process.

It's a pot of this, a tray of that, a pasta bake in the oven... its utilising your time in the kitchen and cooking for when you know you won't want to. Maybe your kid gets sick, or you get sick, or work requires you to stay late, or you're so engrossed in a project you're trying to launch in your biz. Cooking for these times is delicious, your future self will thank your past self.

Your cooking wizard status is just out of reach, it requires a leap
and a rewiring of your brain about how you think about food and cooking.
It requires tinkering in the kitchen, a sense of fun and play.
I’m here to take the pressure OFF, wipe the sweat off your brow,
give you a pat on the back and encourage you to simplify and explore.

Here are my steps - they're totally not what you think... I can tell you this because I've fed corporates, I've fed governments, I've fed kids, I've fed my husband, I've fed my nephews, I've taught thousands of people to cook through my simple food creations. Seemingly veggies chopped up, with a bit of haloumi or poached meat and a full bodied dressing. sprinkled with texture. Cooking can be simple. Your flavour bomb creations can be simple. Mine always are and if it’s good enough for the fancy international Government board meetings, it's good enough for you. Don't make this process more complicated than it needs to be.


Boost your confidence to create meals without requiring a recipe. We’re moving above the recipe with simple cooking tips to create magnetic meals sans stress. All while living your full life.


Not sure what to fill your cupboards with to help you along your cooking journey? Read this guide of Lou’s favourite pieces of equipment - from julienne peelers to blenders.


Stock your pantry well and all you’ll need at the shops is fresh produce and maybe some meat/dairy. Better yet if sh*t hits the fan and you don’t have time to get to the shops, you’ll be able to make a meal in a pinch from your pantry.


… that you’ll want to eat. Brighten your weekday work lunches and create simple delicious crowd pleasers. All from a simple salad bowl.


My bread and butter. I believe these are all you need, for weeknight meals, for eating well. Nail them. From here deliciousness is a stroll away.


Eat with the seasons. More flavour. More colour. More freshness. Less money.