Old school kitchen and cooking skills for the modern day woman.

Boost your kitchen skills

option 1

Hack Your Grocery Bill

Feel powerless against grocery price hikes? Sick of swapping your meat for lentils? Learn the exact steps I take daily to save money on my family grocery bill.
In this PDF guide, I'll show how to take your power back at the supermarket and save your cash from meal planning, shopping, meal prepping, cooking, leftovers and storage.

Perfect for: Anyone new to my work or cooking in general who wants to save money on their grocery bill and take their power back at the checkout.

option 2

Budget Friendly Meals Workshop

Want to cook healthy delish meals, but on a budget? This one's for you.
I'm going to show you how to make 5 simple, healthy and budget friendly meals... that aren't full of lentils. So you can take your power back in the kitchen and at the supermarket.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to cook healthy meals that are budget friendly and not only full of lentils.

option 3

Prep Before You Pop - Postpartum Meal Planning course

Bun in the oven? Fill your fridge and freezer with one months worth of delish and nourishing pre-prepared meals and snacks made from the specific ingredients a new mama needs after birth and for breastfeeding. So you don't have to think about or cook a meal while in the 4th Trimester. Over 4 weeks you'll plan, prep and freeze your post baby meals and look forward to post-Postpartum when the help stops and how to navigate this special time.

Perfect for: The pregnant Mama's who want to support their body, energy and peace of mind.

option 4

Ditch the Recipes

Ready to save time by ditching recipes and whip up meals with what’s in your fridge and pantry?
In 6 weeks we'll rewire your brain and fill the gaps of your cooking knowledge and confidence so following (and relying) on recipes every time you cook is a thing of the past.

Perfect for: Anyone who has mastered the basics, can follow a recipe and dreams of being able to freestyle in the kitchen and cook without recipes.