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Hey, I’m Lou

let’s make your life easier in the kitchen

1,095. That’s the number of meals the average human cooks yearly.
43,800. That’s 40ish years worth of meals.
$2,500. The average amount of food wasted yearly per household.

How’s your cooking game?

A sweaty stressed mess? Or cool, calm and delicious.

I create recipes, guides and online cooking courses to empower you in the kitchen. I’ll teach you to meal prep, read ingredients labels, batch cook, safely store your food, shop better, store better and cook crowd pleaser (toddler friendly and approved) delicious meals. That do not require hours in the kitchen.

You can have a life and eat well. In fact, all studies show – eating well determines your life.

This is the place for cooking beginners, learning to cook from scratch and Kitchen Nonna’s. To help you master the cooking basics, eat healthier food, save money on your grocery bill and feel confident feeding your family healthy food.



meal plans, ebooks and memberships

What's for dinner? Not sure what to cook - meal planning SOS

Lou-on-speed-dial. This is the ultimate hand holding. Text me with your dinner questions and I will reply, with a solid game plan. Including recipes or verbal kick up the bums (if you need it).

DIY handmade care package foodie gift guide

The ultimate guide to making care packages 

Learn to make the most delicious and impressive homemade gifts and care packages. This guide contains 50+ signature Lunch Lady Lou recipes. Including how to plan, make and package meaningful home cooked goodness as gifts. Natural skincare products, pickles, herbal tea blends and more.

Private Cooking Classes

You and me. Private 1:1 cooking classes. From beginner ‘how do I pronounce quinoa’ to ‘certified Kitchen Granny’ or anywhere in between. These classes are tailored to where you are. We will cook together, make a plan, help you stick to it and talk over email or text for a whole month after, to make sure you’re on track.


Beginners fermenting cooking class

Learn the foundations of fermenting at home to make Sauerkraut and Kimchi…. and then throw it all out the window and freestyle with veggies in your crisper.

Learn my favourite 8 simple recipes that keep my shit together in the kitchen. Cook along with me in these step-by-step video classes and begin to bulldoze the bullshit excuse of a lack of time.

*COMING SOON* Learn how to take 1 chicken and do wonderful things with it, to save money and nourish your body.

Cooking courses

Beginners fermenting cooking class

An overhaul of your pantry, fridge, shitty excuses and cooking repertoire. You’ll learn my Family Favourites recipes that are the cornerstone of how I cook in the kitchen.

Let’s prep lots of delicious food for you and your partner before you birth your beautiful baby. So all you need to do during postpartum is decide what to reheat and bask in the baby love glow.

Let’s make veggies sexy and delicious! Move away from the ‘meat and …. ’ mindset. You’ll learn to use meat as a condiment and make veggies the main star.

Online cooking Class - Kitchen Saucery - Lunch Lady Lou

Allow me to set you free like a wild Brumby in the kitchen. Make your mark on your everyday and become a Kitchen Nonna. Nail cooking without a recipe and never ever ever ever feel disempowered by food, cooking or eating again.