never ask ‘WTF is for dinner’ again.

never ask ‘WTF is for dinner’ again.


Life’s too long to be a stressed out terrible cook.

Get back to basics in the kitchen and level up your cooking skills, so you can cook simple healthy meals that your family love and have fun doing it.

Lunch Lady Lou - Simple Tasty Family Recipes

Feeding your family healthy delicious meals does not mean you need to spend hours in the kitchen.

Each year you cook over 1000 meals. Now multiply this by the number of years you have left cooking. That’s a lot of meals! The average mum (who is anything but average) hates cooking almost every single one of them. It doesn’t need to be like this.

What would you do to have a task so necessary flip from stressed out to serene?

The task of feeding your family is tough. The stress about starting the baby on solids. The fussy picky eating toddler who is acting like a Masterchef judge. The fear of serving a new recipe and bracing for the kids to say they hate it and demand cheese toasties. Is the meal healthy? Are they eating enough greens? How do you make greens taste good? Are these healthy ingredients you desperately want the kids to eat fitting into the family budget? Second guessing whether you should add 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of cumin. That time you forgot the basil for the pesto pasta dish and ordered takeaway because you didn’t know a suitable substitute for basil or the relentless recipe hamster wheel to find new recipes. I haven’t even started talking about having the time to cook or the lack of yet.

Cooking for your family can be simple and stress free, heck it can even be fun.

I help new mum’s ignite and re-spark a passion for cooking so you never ever ever feel disempowered around food or cooking or your ability to feed yourself and your family again – despite having a full life, business, career and calendar.

I help you refine your cooking skills and cook healthy meals from scratch. So you can connect the dots of all the cooking knowledge you already have but apply it so it works for you and you can stop hating on cooking, when you secretly wish cooking was easy and fun.

What’s for dinner?

Work with me to become a Kitchen Whiz!

The got no time healthy weekly meal plan
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Hey, I’m Lou

I’m a self taught cook, veggie lover and Kitchen Nonna.

I help you get back to basics in the kitchen and level up your cooking skills. I teach new mum’s in Postpartum and beyond all the things that your Grandma should have passed down. The basic skills and knowledge of home cooking.

A cancer diagnosis at 21 sent me on a path of finding out how I could take care of myself. As I began eating well, I noticed the positive effect this had on my days, weeks and eventually years. Cooking did not come naturally, it used to take me 3 hours to make a corn fritter brunch for my friends and after all that time, I’d then demand they poached the eggs. I was in fact, a cooking tragic.

I set out to learn how to cook, I created a system for preparing healthy meals that were amazing and simple to throw together. I launched a lunch delivery business in 2013, feeding busy women in Sydney. I’m now a Nutrition Consultant for Postpartum women, babies and toddlers, where I guide new mums to cook healthy meals from scratch for their families, so they can pass this knowledge for healthy eating onto their children.