Life skills for making


Cooking. Self care. Rituals. Rhythms. Good food.

I’m Lou. An Italian Nonna trapped in the body of a 33 year old. I believe we’ve been ripped off with the cooking skills that have been passed on to us. You only get one life. I’m sure your bucket list is huge. What if we removed the whole ‘cooking thing’ and ‘health thing’ and stopped making them ‘a thing? So you could get on with living your life.

The words I can’t cook take up a huge amount of bandwidth in the brain. Let’s move past these hurdles. Infuse your life with rituals and rhythms in the kitchen that make you feel good and supported (like a big warm boobie hug from your Nanna). That’s what a wholesome food ritual can do for you, and then…. we’ll just get on with our lives.

With the confidence that if we walk into the kitchen, after a long day and the pantry/fridge is pretty bare. We have the knowledge to make a meal, just.like.that.


Uncover your Kitchen saucery