Corporate Catering

After 5 (ish) delicious years of feeding the people of Sydney, I've decided to press pause on the catering side of my business.

It was a quick 1 day decision, but something that was always on the horizon as I grew to step into the role I'm most passionate about.

I want to thank all of my clients for trusting me to fuel themselves, their clients and teams in the freestyle cooking approach I love so much. It's been an absolute pleasure.

If you were on the fence and never ordered... you snooze you lose.

My favourite moments have been, working with some of the biggest companies and witnessing the change in their culture to one that supports health and wellness, but also the small companies building the culture from the ground up, because they knew and trusted the quality. Food is without a doubt the gateway to high performance, it's not even the 'end goal', it's just the beginning.

AND the countless comments about changing peoples perspective on vegetables. HELL YEAH, VEGGIES FOR THE WIN GUYS!

My passion for a BS free approach to cooking and health is as strong as ever. But it's time to explore this in a different format.

So what's next? I'm only just getting started..

KITCHEN SAUCERY: My new online program, guiding you through creating your own rituals + rhythms in the kitchen. This is a cooking smackdown, if you KNOW you want or need to improve your skills in the kitchen, you like to burn water, or maybe scared of burning the house down or poisoning someone. This is for you!

Best of all, this first round is LIVE. I'll be guiding you and we'll have weekly live cooking classes, where you can watch along or cook along too and ask all your q's in the moment.

I really do believe that cooking is made so complicated and difficult sometimes. But we're in a place now where we're losing traditional recipes from our ancestors - cooking is THE skill that we learn from our elders and for the majority of us it hasn't happened. It's time we bring this back so we can empower the next generations to make delicious food choices that nourish them and support them to live out their dreams.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” - Steve Maraboli

Here's to living courageously.



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