You’re invited:
let’s make Christmas Pudding together


The recipe was shared on an A5 piece of paper, with handwritten instructions including how and where to find a few nips of Brandy. Sent to my mum via snail mail.

I’ve made this recipes for 5 years now and it’s become my go-to Foodie Christmas Gift. And I want to make it with you. Let’s make Christmas Pudding together.

If you haven’t ever made your own Christmas pudding and are wondering why you’d go to the effort. It’s tradition mate…. and life’s too long (and short) to eat a supermarket made pudding.

My classes are fun, light hearted and will make you laugh, although I steep them in truth. There’s no sugar coating the fact that we’re all pretending we have no time to cook and missing out on so much by passing the responsibility on (and even when there’s really no time, there’s always something that’s easy to make).


I often make smaller puddings as gifts or to take to Christmas parties (yes I sound like I’m 70 years old). Everyone loves a pudding, so if you’re stuck for Christmas gifts and want to DIY some homemade gifts. A pudding is perfect.


This is an INSTANT REPLAY class. Watch online and cook from the comfort of your kitchen.

You’ll also have access to ask me ALL YOUR QUESTIONS (via Voxer) and I’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within an hour).

The class is broken up into 3 parts:
1) Mixing our ingredients 2) Cooking the pudding 3) The finished result

PLEASE NOTE: Christmas Puddings are an all day affair. Your pudding will take around 6 – 7 hours.
You aren’t cooking that whole time. And you don’t need to be in the kitchen either, just be around with an ear listening.

All you need to do is BUY NOW, grab your ingredients and cook along with me.

After you purchase you’ll receive login details to the Christmas Pudding learning portal.

hey, I'm lou

Mama to BJ, Kitchen Coach (and wannabe Nonna), lover of crispy bacon and 27 degree days where I can leave the house without a jacket.

I help busy women, with big dreams and calendars, like you to ease the cooking burden and reclaim their Kitchen Mojo.

So you can have the confidence and knowledge to feed your family healthy nourishing meals and never ever ever ever feel disempowered in the kitchen again. Ever.


Hey I'm Lou


How long will my pudding take to make? Christmas Puddings are an all day affair. Your pudding will take around 6 – 7 hours.
You aren’t cooking that whole time. And you don’t need to be in the kitchen either, just be around with an ear listening.

I’m keen, do I need anything special to cook this? You need a pudding steamer, a stainless steel bowl (of an appropriate size), china bowls, mugs, soup mugs, ramekins, teacups (but not fine bone china) – almost anything that will withstand the heat from boiling water and can be covered securely with a piece of foil or a pudding cloth.

Is this gluten free? Oh hell no. Unless you’re a Celiac, I’d say, just use the gluten for a day. I have clients who do use gluten free flour, however I haven’t tested it and can’t personally stand behind it.

Is this sugar free? Not a chance. I do substitute the sugars for coconut or panella, which are both not as processed and retain some goodness in them. Plus this recipe contains a whole lot of dried fruit.

How do we cook together? This class has already been held. You’re buying an instant replay.

How do I ask you questions? When you sign up, you’ll receive a link to contact me directly via Voxer, a voice messaging app. My standard response time is 2 hours, between 8am – 7pm. But I usually respond sooner.

How long do I have access to the class replay for? Forever or until this website no longer exists and if that happens you’ll be given ample time to take what you need from the content.

Will it last til Chrissy day? Yep, this thing is full of sugar. And the earlier it’s made, the more flavour it produces. My Great Aunty Dot used to store it in an airtight container. I’m always a little concerned due to the Aussie summer heat and store it in the fridge.